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Holding Irregular Shapes With Workmate; Working With Your Workmate Work Center - Black & Decker Workmate 200 Instruction Manual

Work center
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Irregular Shapes
With Workmate®
Work Center
Using the swivel pegs in the
appropriate holes and the
independent action of both vise
handles, the Work Center can secure
the most irregular shapes. Lets you
grip objects that used to be
impossible to hold.
Rotate swivel legs to accept
irregular shapes. Outside swivel pegs
extend vise capacity for approximately
27" for the 79-033 and 22" for the 79-
032 diagonal gr.
Working With
Your Workmate®
Work Center
The Work Center is a vise,
sawhorse and workbench all in one.
Its basic design and special features
help you perform a complete range of
workshop tasks from the simplest to
the most complicated.
The heart of the Work Center is in
the action of the two parallel vise jaws.
The two vise handles adjust the jaws
to a maximum of 5-1/4" jaw opening.
Because each handle works
independently, the opening can be
tapered from 0" to 5-3/4" maximum.
Use of the swivel pegs in the
appropriate vise holes extends the
vise capacity of the Work Center up to
12" wide, or up to approximately 27"
for the 79-033 and 22" for the 79-032
when objects are held diagonally.

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