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Assembly - Black & Decker Workmate 200 Instruction Manual

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Vise Screw
Fig 6
1. Empty the contents of the box and
identify at components. (see
Figure 1)
A. Frame
H. Swivel Pegs
B. Front Jaw
J. Socket Wrench
C. Rear Jaw
K. Front Top
D. Vise Screw
E. Vise Guide
L. Rear Top
F. Vise Crank
G. Crank Handle M. Bolts
N. Pins
NOTE: A helpful diagram showing the
assembled Workmate appears on
pages 6 and 7 of this manual.
2. Place the Frame (A) on the floor in
the position shown in Figure 1. Find
the release levers near the front
rubber feet on the sides of the
Frame. Depress both release levers
as shown in Figure 2 and pull up
until you hear the Frame lock in
3. Open the folding legs on the
bottom of the frame by pulling them
down. Make sure that you feel them
lock into place.
NOTE: These legs can be folded if
you want to use your Workmate as
a sawhorse; extended, the
Workmate is at workbench height.
4. Select the Vise Screws (0) and the
Vise Guides (E). Screw one Vise
Guide onto each Vise Screw about
halfway, as shown in Figure 3.
5. Insert the unthreaded end of the
Vise Screws into the Frame such
that the Vise Guides are located in
the slots on the top of the Frame
and the unthreaded ends protrude
through the holes in the front of the
Frame, as shown in Figures 3 and 4.
6. Install the two Vise Cranks (F) and
secure them by driving the pins (N)
through the holes in the cranks and
the Vise Screws. (Align the holes in
the Vise Cranks with the holes in
the Vise Screws and strike the pins
sharply with a steel hammer until
they are flush with the sides of the
Vise Cranks.) See Figure 5. Push
on crank handles as shown.
Closely examine the two front top
blocks and the two rear ones. Note
that the front blocks have a
protruding ring on the bottom side
where the rear blocks do not.
Select the front vise jaw, B, and the
two front top blocks, K. Place the
top blocks on the rails of the frame
as shown in Figure 6.
Install the front vise jaw on top of
the top blocks so that the small
holes at each end of the jaw fit
down over the posts on the top side
of the blocks.
With the jaw positioned as
described above and the protruding
rings on the bottoms of the blocks
inserted into the frame as shown in
Figure 6, insert two of the four bolts,
M, into the holes in the jaw and
tighten them securely into the
threaded holes in the frame. Use
the socket wrench, J, provided.
NOTE: For clarity, only the left side
assembly is shown. Perform all
operations on right side as well.

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