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Using Power Equipment With Workmate Work Center; Power Tool Mounting Board; General Purpose Table - Black & Decker Workmate 200 Instruction Manual

Work center
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Power Equipment
With Workmate®
Work Center
Construct individual mounting
boards for your power tools to save
workbench space. Makes your power
tools completely portable when placed
in the Work Center.
CAUTION: Securely mourtt tool
accessories to mounting board with
screws or bolts. Always wear safety
glasses when using power tools with
the Work Center.
Power Tool
Mounting Board
Attachments such as Black &
Decker Vertical Drill Stand and the
Horizontal Drill Stand may be attached
with screws to a suitable sized piece
of plywood to the underside of which a
block of wood is attached. The block,
when gripped securely in the Work
Center vise jaws, provides rigidity for
the operation of the tools in the
Suggested Sizes
A. Mounting Board 12" x 12" x 3/8'
B. Vise Block 2" x 4" x 6"
C. Retaining Board 3" x 3" x 1/4"
D. Bolt 5"
The block of wood on the
underside of the mounting board is
held in the jaws of the Work Center.
The power tool is secure for use.
Add power tools you thought you
never had room for. Securely holds
even the larger tools.
You'll want to use all of your
power tool accessories more often.
For instance, buffing—it's easier and
more convenient with the Workmate®
Work Center
Purpose Table
Suggested Sizes
2'x 6'x 1/4" plywood
2" x 4" stud, 30" long
4 bolts 5" long
CAUTION: Do not use nails or
screws. Use bolts. Center table top
over center of vise jaws.
When the project calls for extra
work space, you can make a work
table by attaching a block of wood to
the underside of a piece of plywood.
Makes an extra long table surface for
a work or play occasion. Center table
over center of vise jaws and clamp
block on underside firmly.

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