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Accessories - Black & Decker Workmate 200 Instruction Manual

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To assure product SAFETY and
RELIABILITY, repairs, maintenance
and adjustment should be performed
by Black & Decker Service Centers or
other qualified service organizations,
always using Black & Decker
replacement parts.
The accessories listed in this
manual are available at extra cost
from your local dealer or Black &
Decker Service Center
A complete listing of service
centers is included on the owner's
registration card packed with your
If you need assistance in locating
any accessory please contact:
Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc.
User Services Department
10 North Park Drive
P.O. Box 857
Hunt Valley, MD 21030-0857
Recommended accessories for
your tool are listed in this manual.
CAUTION: the use of any other
accessories or attachments may be
(Available at Extra Cost)
Cat. No. 79-010 Swivel Pegs
Packaged in pairs. Ideal for
holding large and irregular shaped
CAUTION: Swivel pegs are to be
used only in cases where the
workpiece DOES NOT extend
beyond the surface of the two vise
jaws. Black & Decker supplies, at
extra cost, clamps for securing larger
projects to your Workmate and 'C"
clamps are available at your local
hardware store.
Cat. No. 79-012 Workmate® Saw &
Miter Guide
Clamps into Workmate® Work
Center you hold material down
securely for acurate miter and
compound miter cuts. Accepts most
popular makes of 7-114" Circular
Saws and is ideal for cutting rafters
floor joists, studs, window baseboard
and decorative trim.
Cat. No. 79-013 Type 2 Workmate®
Router & Shape Guide
Professional router cuts made
easy. Holds Black & Decker and other
popular routers securely on
Workmate® Portable Work Center
table top. Gives sod 'hands off"
support for all types of router cuts.
Cat. No. 79-015 Workmate® Drill
Holds Black & Decker and most
other drills securely for vertical or 00
to 90° angular drilling. Use freehand
for accurate angles or horizontally in
Workmate® to hold drill for buffing,
sanding jobs
Cat. No. 79-016 Workmate® Clamps
(Pkg. of two)
Specially designed clamp
assembly to hold items on a Work
Center vise jaw for gluing, routing,
sanding, sawing, etc
Cat. No. 79-018 Workmate®
Horizontal Clamp
Fits into swivel peg holes in vise
jaws to aid in clamping horizontally.
Excellent as small gluing clamp.

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