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Setting Up Workmate Work Center; How To Store Your Workmate Work Center - Black & Decker Workmate 200 Instruction Manual

Work center
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Assembly (Cont'd)
Select the rear vise jaw, C, and the
two rear top blocks, L Position the
rear top blocks on the frame rails
so that the hex shaped recesses in
the bottoms of the blocks fit over
the raised posts of the vise guides,
E, you installed in step 5 on page 4
Position the top blocks so their
raised posts are toward the rear of
the frame, as shown in Figure 7.
Now install the rear vise jaw so that
the small holes in the ends of the
jaw fit over the raised posts on the
top blocks you just.installed. Insert
the remaining two bolts, M, into the
holes in the jaw and through the
top blocks into the raised posts of
the vise guides. The holes in the
vise guides are not threaded so
you will feel resistance as you Cut
threads into them.
Setting Up
Work Center
How To Store
Your Workmate®
Work Center
The Work Center sets up easily
into two working heights: the lower
"sawhorse" height and the upper
'workbench" height. Choose the
position best suited to your particular
job. In each case, the Work Center
provides a convenient and rigid work
This is the lower "sawhorse'
height, measuring approximately 23"
high. Be sure the Work Center locks
into position.
1. Store swivel pegs, upside down in
vise jaws until next application
2. Fold in all four base legs.
3. Place one foot on footboard.
4. Using index fingers, simultaneously
press release latches, then pull top
toward you.
5. Close unit and clamp in locked
6. You can now store Workmate®
conveniently in minimum space.
To raise the Work Center to its fu I
workbench height of approximately
30" extend the 4 base legs as shown.
Always make sure that each leg
is swung into its extended position.
This will ensure safe use of the Work
Center at this upper working height.

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