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Hardware Installation; Step 1: Usb (Universal Serial Bus) Cable And Connectors; Step 2: Attaching Usb Drive To Pc - Sony External USB User Manual

Sony user's guide cd-rw drive external usb
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Hardware installation

Step 1: USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable and connectors

Connects to drive's
interface connector
The USB is easy to use and requires no adjustment of computer settings.
USB ports and cables are identified by the USB symbol.
One advantage of the USB connector is that it may only be inserted one
way. Atop the connector is a USB symbol.
To attach the port connector of the USB cable:
Keep USB symbol up and insert it into the USB port. Interlocking
tongue elements hold the USB cable and port together.
To remove the USB port connector:
Grasp the port connector and pull to remove.
Hardware installation
Connects to open USB port
of PC or Macintosh

Step 2: Attaching USB drive to PC

Unpack the included materials and locate the USB port on the drive.
Attach the USB and power cable to the drive, then plug in the power cable
to an electrical outlet and switch on the external unit.
Next, locate the USB connector on the PC.
Hardware installation