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Setup Options Menu; Screen Capture By Pc Tool - Acer PL6610T User Manual


Table of Contents

Setup options menu

Select the multilingual OSD menu between English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch,
Swedish, Norwegian/Danish, Finnish, Greek, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian,
Hungarian, Czechoslovak, Arabic, Thai, Turkish, Farsi, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Romanian, and Slovakian.
Closed Captioning
Closed Captioning is a text version of the program sound or other information displayed on the screen. If the input
signal contains closed captions, you can turn on the feature and watch the channels. The available options include
"Off", "CC1", and "CC2".
Menu Settings
Set the menu location on the screen and configure menu timer settings.
Menu Location: Select the menu location on the display screen.
Menu Timer: Set the duration where the OSD menu stays visible on the screen.
Auto Source
Choose this option to let the projector automatically find an available input source.
Input Source
Select the input source between HDMI1/MHL, HDMI2, HDBaseT, VGA IN 1, VGA IN 2, VIDEO and S-VIDEO
High Altitude
When "On" is selected, the fans will spin faster. This feature is useful in high altitude areas where the air is thin.
Use this function to set the desired startup screen. If changes are made, they will take effect the next time the
projector is powered on.
Default: The default startup screen.
Neutral: Logo is not displayed on startup screen.
Usere: Use the stored picture as the startup screen.

Screen capture by PC tool

Set "Logo" to "User"
Set the "Logo" to "User" in Setup options menu.
Enter download mode
Hold both "Power" and "Menu" buttons and then plug in power cord. Release the buttons until Power/
Lamp/Temp LED indicators are lighting red.
Connect USB cable between PC and projector
Please find the "SERVICE" USB port and plug-in USB cable.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents