Ejecting The Disc; How To Use The Disc Locks - Sony CRX-160S User Manual

Cd-r/rw drive unit
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Ejecting the Disc

To eject the disc, press the eject button on the front panel. The tray
comes out automatically.
The eject button does not work if it is disabled by the software you
are using.
Opening the tray manually in an emergency
You can open the tray manually when it fails to come out by means
of the eject button or software commands. To do this, follow the
procedure below:
Turn off the power of your computer.
Insert a pointed object, such as a paper clip, into the emergency
eject hole and push.
After removing the disc from the drive unit, consult your dealer or
qualified service personnel.
Operating the Drive
Approx. 40 mm

How to Use the Disc Locks

The disc tray has four disc locks that prevent the disc from falling
when the drive is set up in vertical position.
When the drive is used in horizontal position, you do not need to
lock the disc.
Locking and Unlocking
All of the four locks are set in the unlocked position (facing
outward) when the drive is shipped from the factory. To set the lock
in the locked position, turn it with your fingers until you hear a click
so that it faces inward.
to unlock
Disc locks
to lock
Operating the Drive


Table of Contents

Table of Contents