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Other Functions; Adjusting The Balance And Fader; Attenuating The Sound; Changing The Sound And Display Settings - Sony Car Stereo Operating Instructions Manual

Sony operating instructions car stereo user manual
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Other Functions

Adjusting the balance and
You can adjust the balance and fader.
Press (SEL) repeatedly until "BAL" or
"FAD" appears.
Each time you press (SEL), the item
changes as follows:
LOW* t MID* t HIGH* t
BAL (left-right) t FAD (front-rear)
* When EQ3 is activated (page 11).
Press either side of the volume button to
adjust the selected item.
Adjust within 3 seconds after selecting the

Attenuating the sound

Press (ATT).
After "ATT-ON" momentarily flashes, the
"ATT" indication appears in the display.
To restore the previous volume level, press
(ATT) again.
"ATT-OFF" flashes momentarily.
Changing the sound and
display settings
The following items can be set:
•A.SCRL (Auto Scroll)* (page 12).
•M.DSPL (Motion Display)
– the demonstration mode which appears
when the tape is ejected and no source is
selected (e.g., tuner is turned off).
•BEEP – to turn the beep sound on or off.
Press (SEL) and the desired preset
number button simultaneously.
(SEL) + (3): A.SCRL*
(SEL) + (4): M.DSPL
(SEL) + (6): BEEP
* When no CD or MD is playing, this item will
not appear.
Press (SEL) and the preset number
button repeatedly to select the desired
setting (Example: ON or OFF).

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Table of Contents

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