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NEC WMK-3255S Manual

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32" - 80"
125 lb
(81 - 203 cm)
(57 kg)
2014-01-08 #:125-9484-6 (2017-04-06)



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  Summary of Contents for NEC WMK-3255S

  • Page 1 WMK-3255S 32" - 80" 125 lb (81 - 203 cm) (57 kg) 2014-01-08 #:125-9484-6 (2017-04-06)
  • Page 2 WARNING ENG - This product is designed to be installed on wood stud, solid concrete or cinder block walls. Hardware is included for wood stud, solid concrete and cinder block installation. Before installing make sure the supporting surface will support the combined load of the equipment and hardware. Screws must be tightly secured. Do not overtighten screws or damage can occur and product may fail.
  • Page 3: Parts List

    Parts List Description Part # A wall plate 202-1008 B left adapter bracket 202-1621 C right adapter bracket 202-1622 D concrete anchor 590-0320 E #14 wood screw 5S1-015-C03 F left extension plate 202-1016 G right extension plate 202-1017 H M4 x 12 mm phillips screw 504-9013 I M6 x 12 mm phillips screw 520-1128...
  • Page 4 Wood stud wall Concrete/Cinder block WARNING ENG - When installing Peerless wall mounts on a wood stud wall covered with gypsum board (drywall), verify that the wood studs are a minimum of 2" x 4" nominal size. Do not install over gypsum board thicker than 5/8". 1a-1 Use stud fi...
  • Page 5 1a-3 2.5" (64mm) 5/32" 5/32" (4mm) (4mm) Drill mounting holes into supporting surface (2.5" (64 mm) minimum depth required). Mounting hole must center on stud. 1a-4 3/8" (10mm) Level wallplate. Install using wood screws provided. E (2) Maximum 80 in. • lb (9 N.M.). 2014-01-08 #:125-9484-6 (2017-04-06)
  • Page 6 WARNING ENG - When installing Peerless wall mounts on a concrete wall, the wall must be at least 8" thick with a minimum compressive strength of 2000 psi. When installing Peerless wall mounts on a cinder block wall, the cinder blocks must meet ASTM C-90 specifi...
  • Page 7 1b-3 Insert anchor fl ush to concrete. D (2) 1b-4 3/8" (10mm) Level wallplate. Install using concrete anchors and wood screws provided. Maximum 80 in. • lb (9 N.M.). E (2) 2014-01-08 #:125-9484-6 (2017-04-06)
  • Page 8 ENG OPTIONAL. See compatibility on page 9. (3/16") N (2) O (2) Center adapter brackets vertically on back of screen. 2014-01-08 #:125-9484-6 (2017-04-06)
  • Page 9 NEC E424, NEC E464, NEC E554 P (8) J (4) R (4) OPTIONAL NEC P403, NEC P463, NEC P553, NEC V423, NEC V552, NEC X401S, NEC X462S, NEC X552S, NEC V463, NEC E655, NEC P703, NEC V652, NEC X651UHD I,J,K,L or T (4)
  • Page 10 ENG Lock/unlock latch Loosen, tighten. 10° 2014-01-08 #:125-9484-6 (2017-04-06)
  • Page 11 3/8" (10mm) ENG OPTIONAL To increase tension and maintain degree of tilt, tighten screw (x) on each adapter bracket. If more tension is needed, tighten screws (y) on each adapter bracket. Note: Tilt may not be fully supported for all displays Do not remove screw or loosen screw until it is no longer engaged with the mount.
  • Page 12 LIMITED FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY Peerless Industries, Inc. (“Peerless”) warrants to original end-users of Peerless ® products will be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use, for a period of fi ve years from the date of purchase by the original end-user (but in no case longer than six years after the date of the product's manufacture).