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NEC WM-46UN Wall Mount Portrait and Landscape Manual

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Wall Mount User's Manual /
This wall mount is only for NEC MultiSync X461UN.
Wall bracket (top) x 1
Wall bracket (bottom) x 1
Monitor bracket (top) x 2
Monitor bracket (bottom) x 2
Adjuster pin x 2
Stopper x 2
Screws x 20
Hexagonal wrench x 1
Caution /
DO NOT mount the monitor yourself. Ask your dealer for assistance. For proper installation it is strongly
recommended to use a trained, qualified technician.
Refer to the manual of the monitor for safety precautions and maintenance.
Moving and setting the monitor must be done by two or more people.
Tighten all screws and adjuster pins.
When mounting two or more X461UN monitors, you will need a wall mount for each monitor.
Wall bracket (bottom) is used for bottom step monitor only.
Settings /
Attach wall brackets to the wall per the Installation Drawing.
NOTE: Wall bracket holes are oval as shown. Please select
suitable screws for attaching.
To avoid damaging the screen face, place a protective sheet
on the table underneath the LCD. Make sure there is nothing
on the table that can damage the monitor. Lay the monitor
on the table with the screen facing down. Attach four (4)
monitor brackets (top) / (bottom) to the corners of monitor
with attached screws.
Place the adjuster pin screws in the top monitor brackets (2).
Turn by hand until the adjuster pin reaches the end and stops.
The adjuster pin is inserted through the hole of the wall brackets
(top), and the monitor brackets (bottom) are inserted in the pin of
the wall brackets (bottom).
Caution: Moving and setting the monitor must be done by two or
more people.



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