Specified Conditions Of Use; Assembly; Unpacking; Installing Front Handle - AEG AC3050B Original Instructions Manual

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Use the product only for its intended use. Do not alter or modify
the product from the original design or function.
Always be aware that misuse and improper handling of the
product can cause injury to yourself and others.
Never leave an air compressor unattended with the hose attached
to a tool.
Do not continue to use an air compressor or hose which leaks air
or does not function properly.
Risk of bursting
– Do not adjust regulator to result in output pressure greater
than marked maximum pressure of attachment.
Heat and high temperature are generated while motor and
cylinder are running. Touching exposed metal can result in
serious burns.
– Always keep the air compressor away from the working zones.
Injury casued by noise
– Wear ear protection.
The gas from air compressor can propel dirt, chips, loose particles
and small objects at high speed. This may result in objects being
thrown into eyes or other possible serious injury.
– Always wear proper personal protective equipment when
operating different tools.


This compressor is designed to supply pressurised air only. It must
not be used to compress any other gas. It is designed to operate air
powered tools. The compressor should be operated indoors only.



This product requires assembly. Carefully remove the product and
any accessories from the box.
Do not use this product if any parts on the packing list are already
assembled to your product when you unpack it. Parts on this
list are not assembled to the product by the manufacturer and
require customer installation. Use of a product that may have been
improperly assembled could result in serious personal injury.
Inspect the product carefully to make sure no breakage or damage
occurred during shipping.
Do not discard the packing material until you have carefully
inspected and satisfactorily operated the product.
If any parts are damaged or missing do not operate this product
until the parts are replaced. Use of this product with damaged or
missing parts could result in serious personal injury.
Do not attempt to modify this product or create accessories not
recommended for use with this product. Any such alteration or
modification is misuse and could result in a hazardous condition
leading to possible serious personal injury.
Do not connect to power supply until assembly is complete. Failure
to comply could result in accidental starting and possible serious
personal injury.
Packing list
– Air compressor
– Front handle
– Breather
– Air filter x 2
– Wheel x 2
– Rubber foot x 2
– M10 Step bolt x 2
– M8 bolt x 2
– Front handle locking bolt x 2
– M10 hex nut x 2
– M8 hex nut x 2
– M10 x 4 mm flat washer x 2
– M10 x 1.5 mm flat washer x 2
– M8 flat washer x 4
– M10 spring washer x 2
– Bottle of oil
– Operator's manual


See figure 2.
1. Insert both ends of the front handle in handle slots.
2. Align the holes on the front handle and handle slots. Secure both
ends with locking bolts and hand tighten.
See figure 3.
1. Place a rubber foot under the left supporting frame at the front.
Align the screw holes.
2. Insert an M8 bolt and M8 flat washer in the holes in the rubber
foot and the supporting frame from the bottom.
3. Insert an M8 flat washer at the other end.
4. Secure the rubber foot with an M8 hex nut.
5. Repeat the above steps to install the other foot on the right.
6. Ensure the compressor is stable by gently applying lateral force
on it.
See figure 4.
1. Insert an M10 step bolt in the centre hole of the wheel.
2. Insert the threaded section of the step bolt in the hole in the rear
brace on the left. Place a 4 mm washer between the wheels and
frame, and place a 1.5 mm washer on the inside of the frame.
3. Insert a spring washer .
4. Secure the step bolt with an M10 hex nut.
5. Repeat the above steps to install the other wheel on the right.
6. Ensure the compressor is stable by gently applying lateral force
on it.
See figure 5.
Attach the breather to the crankcase as shown. Screw in a clockwise
direction to secure.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents