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For greater safety and reliability, all repairs should be performed by
an authorised AEG service centre.
Use only AEG accessories and spare parts. Should components need
to be replaced which have not been described, please contact one of
our AEG service agents (see our list of guarantee/service addresses).
If needed, an exploded view of the product can be ordered. Please
state the Article No. as well as the machine type printed on the label
and order the drawing at your local service agents or directly at:
Techtronic Industries Australia Pty Ltd
PO Box 1065
Mount Waverley VIC 3149
Tel. no. 1300 234 797
Techtronic Industries N.Z. Limited
PO Box 12-806
Penrose AUCKLAND 1642
Tel no. 0800 234 797
New Zealand


Safety alert
Please read the instructions carefully before starting
the machine.
Always wear goggles when using the machine.
Wear ear protectors.
Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). Product meets
applicable regulatory requirements.
Indoor use
Wet condition alert. Do not expose to rain. Store
Risk of breathing. Air obtained directly from the air
compressor should never be used to supply air for
human consumption.
Risk of bursting. Do not adjust regulator to result
in output pressure greater than marked maximum
pressure of attachment. Do not use at pressure
greater than 8 bar.
Hot surface: To reduce the risk of injury or damage,
avoid contact with any surface.
This compressor may start without warning.
Risk of fire or explosion. Spray area must be well
ventilated. Do not smoke while spraying or spray
where spark or flame is present. Keep compressors
as far from the spraying area as possible. Keep
compressor, at least 10 m from the spraying area
and all explosive vapours.
Caution, risk of electric shock
Do not dispose of electric tools together with
household waste material. Electric tools and
electronic equipment that have reached the end of
their life must be collected separately and returned
to an environmentally compatible recycling facility.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents