Using The Air Compressor; Checking The Pressure Relief Valve; Draining The Tank; Reset Button - AEG AC3050B Original Instructions Manual

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Never exceed the air tool's pressure rating as recommended by
the manufacturer. When using this air compressor as an inflation
device, always follow the maximum inflation guidelines stated by
the manufacturer of the item being inflated.
Always ensure the switch is in the OFF (O) position and the
regulator pressure gauge reads zero before changing air tools or
disconnecting the hose from the air outlet. Failure to do so could
result in possible serious personal injury.


See figure 9 - 10.
1. Ensure power switch is in the OFF (O) position and air compressor
is unplugged.
2. If not already installed, attach hose to compressor as previously
3. Attach 6.35 mm (1/4 in.) quick connect air fitting to accessory or
tool you intend to use.
4. Insert the other end of the quick connect air fitting to the quick
coupler (regulated pressure) on the open end of hose.
5. Connect the power cord to the power supply.
6. Turn the switch ON ( l ).
7. Rotate pressure regulator knob to desired line pressure. Turning
the knob clockwise increases air pressure at the outlet; turning
counterclockwise reduces air pressure at the outlet.
8. Rotate pressure regulator locking ring fully counterclockwise to
lock the air pressure.
9. Following all safety precautions in this manual and the
manufacturer's instructions in the air tool manual, you may now
proceed to use your air-powered tool.
Air powered tools may require more air consumption than
this air compressor is capable of providing. Check the tool
manual to avoid damage to the tool or risk of personal injury.
10. Control the amount of air flow with the pressure regulator knob.
Turning the knob fully counterclockwise will completely stop the
flow of air.
NOTE: Always use the minimum amount of pressure necessary
for your application. Using a higher pressure than needed will
drain air from the tank more rapidly and cause the unit to cycle
on more frequently.
11. When finished, always drain the tank and unplug the unit. Never
leave the unit plugged in and/or running unattended.
12. It is recommended to use a residual current device with a rated
residual current of 30 mA or less.


See figure 11.
Do not attempt to tamper with the safety valve.
Anything loosened from this device could fly up and hit you.
Failure to heed this warning could result in death or serious
personal injury.
The pressure relief valve will automatically release air if the air tank
pressure exceeds the preset maximum. The valve should be checked
before each day of use by pulling the ring by hand.
1. Turn the air compressor on and allow the tank to fill. The
compressor will shut off when the pressure reaches the preset
2. Turn the air compressor off.
3. Pull the ring on the safety valve to release air for three to five
seconds. Air should rapidly escape. Release the ring and the air
should stop.
4. The ring pin may need to be pushed back into position to stop the
flow of air at high pressure.
If air leaks after the ring has been released, or if the valve is stuck
and cannot be actuated by the ring, do not use the air compressor
until the safety valve has been replaced. Use of the air compressor
in this condition could result in serious personal injury.


See figure 12.
To prevent tank corrosion and keep moisture out of the air used, the
air tank of the compressor should be drained daily.
To drain:
1. Turn the air compressor off.
2. Pull the ring on the pressure relief valve to release until pressure
gauge reads less than 1.4 bar.
3. Release the ring.
4. Turn the drain valve counterclockwise to open and drain the
NOTE: Condensate is a polluting material and should be disposed
of in compliance with local regulations.
5. If drain valve is clogged, release all air pressure. Remove and clean
the valve, then reinstall.
Unplug the air compressor and release all air from the tank before
servicing. Failure to depressurise tank before attempting to
remove valve may cause serious personal injury.
6. Turn the drain valve clockwise until tightly closed.


See figure 13.
When current into the air compressor motor exceeds the specified
limit, the air compressor will automatically shut off.
To reset the air compressor:
1. Unplug the air compressor.
2. Turn the air compressor off.
3. Wait three minutes for the motor to cool.
4. Press the reset button.
5. Plug the air compressor into an approved outlet.
6. Turn the air compressor on.
NOTE: If you start the air compressor and the reset device operates
again, stop the compressor and disconnect from the power supply
and have your compressor examined by an authorised service centre.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents