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Upstream Infrastructure
As EV infrastructure extends beyond just the charging station, upstream electrical distribution equipment is critical
to ensuring a safe, reliable EV infrastructure system is built and maintained. Whether it is installing brand new
equipment or making upgrades to already existing infrastructure, GE has the domain expertise and channel partners
to perform the type of upgrades that may be required to support the use of EV Charging Stations. The following
information is a brief overview of upgrades in this space.
Spectra Series™ Switchboards
Spectra Series Switchboards offer a design that provides the high quality and reliability that has long been associated
with GE group-mounted switchboards. All GE switchboards can incorporate our full line of circuit breakers, power
management components, transient voltage suppressors and meters. Similar to our EV Charging Stations, the
Spectra Series Switchboards are designed and manufactured to meet GE internal standards along with NEMA,
NEC, UL and CSA requirements. In addition, Spectra RMS Circuit Breakers meet all applicable NEMA, NEC, UL and
CSA requirements, plus those for JIS and IEC.
Spectra Series™ Power Panelboards
GE Power Panelboard interiors are offered in two different styles: plug-in and bolt-on. Spectra Plug-In interiors are
designed for use with either fusible switches or molded case circuit breakers. A combination of the devices can be
used on a common interior. Spectra Bolt-On interiors are designed for use with circuit breakers only. Main or branch
devices (fusible switch or circuit breaker), as well as lugs only, can be installed at the factory or at the construction
site providing application flexibility. Unique to GE, the design approach makes field reconfiguration possible, as
well as having a universal platform that offers interchangeable boxes, fronts and interiors. All panelboards are
manufactured in accordance with UL standards 50 and 67 and conform to the latest requirements of the NEC and
NEMA standards.
A Series Panelboards
Our A-Series design is an extremely flexible Lighting Panel with over 12,000 combinations, most available within
a 10 day production cycle. NEMA 3R, 12 and 4x enclosures are all available options. The panel's comprehensive
design and ease of installation are two reasons why contractors turn to this panelboard. All GE A Series panelboards
meet UL standards, as well as NEMA PB1, and NEC article 384.
General Purpose Transformers
GE has been building transformers for almost 100 years, but we continue to innovate and improve the reliable QL
design. GE Type QL transformers meet NEMA TP-1 efficiency standards. Available in aluminium and copper and in
all three temperature rise ratings, QL transformers utilize a UL recognized 220°C insulation system and are UL
listed. The transformers are 100% factory tested for shorts and coil integrity, current and loss, voltage, impedance
and noise.
Information provided is subject to change without notice. Please verify all details with GE. All values are design or typical
values when measured under laboratory conditions, and GE makes no warranty or guarantee, express or implied, that
such performance will be obtained under end-use conditions.
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