Product Details - GE EV Application Manual

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Product Details

The GE EV Charging Station has a list of features that are upgradeable, resulting in a robust and reliable solution
for the need of EV charging infrastructure.
• The cord holder serves to keep the cord organized and out of the way of parking spaces, sidewalks and streets
• LED light to display charger status
• Option for a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader: users can gain charging authorization by swiping
RFID cards in front of the readers
• Ethernet network offered for RFID authorization service
• RFID software application registers usage of the EV Charging Station, enabling data collection, and will also
monitor status of communication between RFID and EVSE
• Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) screen showing greetings, instructions and charging station messages
• Nuisance tripping avoidance and auto re-closure
• Vehicle ground monitoring circuit
• Single phase metering, displayed on included VFD
• A building ventilation interface signal can be provided to operate facility and garage fans when required
GE EV Charging Station – a closer look
Cord holder
Cord connection to unit
Control Unit
• Provides user with charger status and messages
via LED bar, Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) and
external communications
• Allows user configurable overload protection
• Performs CCID20 ground fault protection per UL 2231
• Provides single phase metering
• Handles SAE J1772 functions
LED indication of charge status
Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
RFID Reader
Plug holder
Access panel (on side)
Base to accept connection
and fasten to concrete
• Responsible for energizing and de-energizing the
• Operates in conjunction with controller to meet
UL and NEC requirements
• Compliant with SAE J1772 standard
• UL listed for EVSE applications
• Provides overload and short circuit protection



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