Specifications - GE EV Application Manual

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SAE Compliant
Vehicle Interface
Cable Length
AC Charging Power Output
Voltage and Current Rating
AC Power Input
Recommended Service Panel Breaker
Ground Fault Protection
Cold Load Start
Local Area Network
Network Communication Protocol
Network Security
Metering Accuracy
RFID Reader
Display Screen
Standby Power
Indoor Ventilation
Outdoor Rated
Safety Compliance
Surge Protection
EMI Compliance
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Approximate Shipping Weights
The EV Charging Station features a NEMA 3R enclosure for all four mounting options.
Double pedestal
Single pedestal
Free standing
Free standing
pedestal featuring
pedestal with a
a back to back
robust footing to
bolt the unit to
design with a robust
the ground
footing to bolt the
unit to the ground
Level II per J1772
SAE J1772 EV connector
20' cable
7.2kW (240VAC @ 30A)
208-240VAC @ 30A
208-240VAC requiring only Line 1, Line 2, and Earth ground
Pole, Wall, Single Pedestal: 2-pole 40A breaker on dedicated circuit.
Double Pedestal: (Qty. 2) 2-pole 40A breaker on dedicated circuit
Internal 20mA CCID with auto re-closure, does not require a GFCI in service panel
Random start up between 0 and 15 minutes
CAT5 Ethernet
GE recommends that network be VPN and Firewall protected
2% accurate on voltage and current; 4% accurate on power and energy
ISO 15693 compliant
Vacuum Fluorescent Display
5W typ.
Signal provided to turn on facility fans
UL 2231, UL 2251, UL 2594, cUL 2231, cUL 2594, NEC 625, SAE J1772
6kV @ 3,000A
FCC Part 15 Class A
-30°C to +50°C ambient
Up to 95% non-condensing
Single Pedestal: 90 lbs
Double Pedestal: 90 lbs
Pole: 45 lbs
Wall: 45 lbs
Single Pedestal: 51.1"H x 14.9"W x 13.8"D
Double Pedestal: 51.1"H x 14.9"W x 13.8"D
Pole: 31.52"H x 11.82"W x 11.16"D
Wall: 31.52"H x 11.82"W x 11.16"D
Wall mount
Surface mounted
Pole mount
Wall mount design
with an additional
pole mounting kit



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