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GE G500 Quick Start Manual

Substation gateway.
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GE Grid Solutions
G500 Substation Gateway
What's in the Box?
Your kit includes:
G500 Substation Gateway
SFP and CD tray
Hardware Compartment
Hardware Compartment
The hardware compartment is a single package which contains:
Mounting Bracket Kit
Bracket mounting hardware
Connector set
Quick Start Guide
Top filler plate
Bottom filler plate
Left bracket
Right bracket
M4 screws (quantity 10)
M3 screws (quantity 8)
Power supply connectors (quantity – 2)
IRIG-B connectors (quantity – 2)
Alarm connector (quantity – 1)
GE Information


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   Summary of Contents for GE G500

  • Page 1 GE Grid Solutions G500 Substation Gateway Quick Start Guide What’s in the Box? Your kit includes: • G500 Substation Gateway • SFP and CD tray • Hardware Compartment Hardware Compartment The hardware compartment is a single package which contains: Top filler plate •...
  • Page 2 The rack mounting kit includes 4 metal pieces (left bracket, right bracket, top filler plate and the bottom filler plate) along with M4 (quantity 10) and M3 (quantity 8) screws. The M4 screws are used to attach the left and right bracket to the G500 chassis and the M3 screws are used to secure the top and bottom filler plates to the brackets.
  • Page 3 Quick Start Guide The SFP’s are inserted in the tray in the same order as the cages are labeled on the rear of the G500 chassis. Note: The single notch in the tray corresponds to the SFP cage labeled 1.
  • Page 4 / are logged in under their account. Typing “sudo” in front of functions in the G500 command line will prompt for the user’s password before executing the command. Failing to use “sudo” prevents the command from executing – no error feedback is displayed.
  • Page 5 The G500 unit that comes from factory has below default root user credentials. User Name: root Password: geroot The default root user is a super user in G500 which can access all the settings and files. The root user access is restricted via: • Front serial maintenance port.
  • Page 6 The local root user is required to recover the new administrator user if the credentials are lost Getting Started Please refer to G500 Substation Gateway Instruction Manual (994-0152) for details about powering up the G500. Once the G500 is powered up use the below workflow(s) to prepare the G500 for operation.
  • Page 7 Connect the Display Port on the rear panel of the G500 to a monitor with a Display cable. Connect a keyboard to any of the USB ports. The Local HMI is started automatically when the G500 is powered on and a monitor is connected to display port. On the startup menu, select G500 -> Terminal.
  • Page 8 Task 4: Change the Root Password The root user is the G500 super user and has all privileges including the ability to recover the administrator user in the event the password is ever lost. The root user cannot be removed, so for security reasons it is required to change the root password using the following procedure.
  • Page 9 Launch the DS Agile MCP Studio on the local configuration PC. Restore your G500 snapshot to a device in a project in DS Agile MCP Studio (Archive > Restore Snapshot to Device). Edit the IP address in the projects device properties to match the default G500: Select this device, initiate Synch To Device >...
  • Page 10 The G500 Runtime HMI is available on a local monitor (via the display ports on the rear panel of the G500) and on remote PC’s as a standalone application.
  • Page 11 • The TCP port of the G500 HMI is always 443. If you need to use a different TCP port, due to routing rules existing between the PC and G500, you may enter it in the form of IP: TCP, for e.g. Login with the user credentials created in Task 2: Create a New Administrator User.
  • Page 12 Configuring Monitor Layout: G500 Local HMI supports up to 2 monitors using two of its display ports Display Port 1 (DP1) and Display Port 2(DP2). When single monitor is connected, the connected monitor becomes the Primary. Display Port DP1 is primary by default when two monitors are connected, and the desktop is extended to the second monitor.
  • Page 13 Contact Customer Service The GE Grid Solutions Customer Service Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for you to talk directly to a GE representative. I In the U.S. and Canada, call toll-free: 1 800 547 8629 International customers, please call: + 1 905 927 7070
  • Page 14 Trademark Notice GE, Multilin and the GE monogram are trademarks and service marks of General Electric Company. * Trademarks of General Electric Company.

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