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Vehicle multilight
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mains if liquid has been spilt. Do not use the Vehicle Multilight and request assistance
from specialist staff.
Fire risk! Remove the charging unit from the mains when the Vehicle Multilight is fully
charged or is not required for use.
Fire risk! Cease using the Vehicle Multilight immediately if smoke exudes from the
unit, or if it smells unusual.
Fire risk! The Vehicle Multilight may be charged only using the 230 V charging unit
provided, in connection with a 230 V / 50 hertz mains socket or with a 12 V vehicle
charging cable from a 12 V vehicle socket.
Injury and accident danger! If you transport the Vehicle Multilight within a vehicle,
keep it in the boot or in a suitable compartment so that it does not risk getting dama-
ged by sudden vehicle movement.
Injury danger! Do not look directly into the beam of light or shine the beam into the
eyes of other people. This can cause temporary blindness or damage the retina.
Injury danger! Do not attempt to change, open or manipulate the Vehicle Multilight
as this can increase the danger factor.
warning! The Vehicle Multilight is not waterproof and not for use in humid surroun-
Injury danger! Do not expose the charger to fire or to extreme heat. Doing this can
cause the charger to burst or explode.
Danger of acid burns! A damaged charger can leak corrosive vapour or liquid. If
this occurs, make sure that a fresh air supply is restored and wash the affected areas
of the skin thoroughly with water and soap. Allow an expert to check the charger
and the Vehicle Multilight.


Area of application and performance features
The Vehicle Multilight is a practical aid for all repair jobs around the car, and will assist
during breakdowns as well as during your leisure time activities. The Vehicle Multilight
has been designed for general lighting in a mobile application. Any other use is not
designated and will lead to a disclaimer of liability.
The essential performance features are:
3 in1 light: Hand floodlight - flashing warning light - reading light
LED technology for a high luminous efficiency with low energy consumption
Rechargeable battery operation makes mobile use possible, independent of cables
and plug sockets
Including charging cable for home and vehicle
Adjustable hand grip
Practical storage compartment for accessories
Handy size
Including belt cutter for emergency life-saving
Accessories: Belt Cutter
The belt cutter is not a toy and should be kept out of the reach of children.
Do not use a broken or damaged belt cutter, e.g., if it has been damaged or defor-
med by heat. The exposed blade can cause serious injury.
Areas of application:
For the speedy cutting of seat belts and
items of clothing of persons involved in
traffic accidents.
For cutting other materials such as
textiles, gauze bandages, foil or
lashing straps.



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