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Thank you for purchasing the Panasonic Hybrid IP-PBX, KX-TDA100/KX-TDA200.
Please read this manual carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use.

Table of Contents

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Hybrid IP-PBX
Getting Started
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Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Panasonic KX-TDA100

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    ..... 10 4 Customising the Hybrid IP-PBX ..11 5 Confirming the Connection .... 17 Thank you for purchasing the Panasonic Hybrid IP-PBX, KX-TDA100/KX-TDA200. Please read this manual carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use.
  • Page 2: Before Installation

    Before Installation System Connection Diagram Hybrid IP-PBX for Digital Proprietary DLC16 LCOT16 (KX-TDA0172) (KX-TDA0181) Telephone (DPT) KX-T7636/ and DSS Console KX-T7633 Console DLC8 LCOT8 (KX-TDA0171) (KX-TDA0180) Analogue Analogue Analogue CID/PAY8 for Single Line Device, Trunk Trunk Trunk (KX-TDA0189) DPT/Analogue Proprietary Telephone CID8 (APT), and DSS Console DHLC8...
  • Page 3 Check the package contents. × Main Unit × CD-ROM (including manuals, etc.) × Screw A Screw B (Black) AC Cord* × × 3 (KX-TDA100) 2 (KX-TDA100) × × 4 (KX-TDA200) 6 (KX-TDA200) × Anchor Plug Pager and Music Source SD Memory Card ×...
  • Page 4: Installation

    Installation Opening/Closing the Front Cover Opening the Front Cover Insert a flathead screwdriver into the opening (on the left of the screw cover) and unlatch the screw cover. Turn the screw anticlockwise to loosen. Slide the front cover to the right until it stops, then lift the front cover. Closing the Front Cover Hook the front cover onto the cabinet (line up the protrusions on the cover with the receptacles on the cabinet), then slide the front cover to the left until it locks.
  • Page 5 Card, or result in loss of data. Installing the Option Units Slot Condition Install the power supply unit (PSU) into the left-most slot, and optional service cards into free slots. KX-TDA100 KX-TDA200 Null Slot* Option Card Slot* Option Card Slot*...
  • Page 6 CAUTION To protect the back board from static electricity, do not touch parts on the back board in the main unit, PSU, and on the optional service cards. To discharge static, touch ground or wear an earthing strap. Make sure the screws are tighten for secure earthing. Installing the Power Supply Unit Insert the PSU along the guide rails.
  • Page 7 Be sure to cover each slot in which no optional service card is installed by using a Blank Slot Cover. For details, refer to "Covering the Blank Slots" in "2.2.7 Installing/Removing the Optional Service Cards" of the Installation Manual. Installing the Trunk Cards LCOT8/LCOT16 Card Example: LCOT16 Card Amphenol...
  • Page 8 Accessory (included): none User-supplied (not included): RJ45 connector Notes • LINE 5 to LINE 8 are for BRI8 card only. • Connect these optional service cards to the trunk through NT1; do not connect to the trunk directly. • These optional service cards have 100 of terminal resistance.
  • Page 9 Installing the Extension Cards (DLC8/DLC16/DHLC8/ MSLC16/SLC8/SLC16) Example: DHLC8 Card To attach the ferrite core 3 cm Amphenol To extensions Accessory (included): screws × 2, ferrite core × 1 User-supplied (not included): Amphenol connector Note Attach the included ferrite core to the Amphenol connector. Connecting Extensions Example: KX-T7600 Series DPT Pin Assignments...
  • Page 10: Starting The Hybrid Ip-pbx

    Frame Earth Connection IMPORTANT! Connect the frame of the Hybrid IP-PBX to earth. Loosen the screw. Screw Insert an earthing wire (user-supplied)*. Tighten the screw. Connect the earthing wire to earth. Earthing wire * For earthing wire, green-and-yellow To earth insulation is required, and the cross- sectional area of the conductor must be more than 0.75 mm...
  • Page 11: Customising The Hybrid Ip-pbx

    Plug the AC power cord into the Hybrid IP-PBX and AC outlet, and turn on the Hybrid IP- PBX. Press the Reset Button with a pointed tool. (The RUN indicator will flash.) While the RUN indicator is flashing (within about 10 s), return the System Clear Switch to the "NORMAL"...
  • Page 12 Installing the KX-TDA Maintenance Console and Selecting Appropriate Country/Area Data For the system requirements of the PC (e.g., operating system, hardware specifications), refer to "3.3.1 Installing and Starting the KX-TDA Maintenance Console" in the Installation Manual. Note Screen shots reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation. Save the setup file of the KX-TDA Maintenance Console on your PC.
  • Page 13 Click "Start" "Programs" "KX-TDA Maintenance Console" "KX-TDA Maintenance Console". a. Type the Installer Level Programmer Code (default: 1234). b. Click [OK]. Click "Connect" "USB" or "RS-232C" from the menu bar, depending on the serial interface connection with the Hybrid IP-PBX. Note To connect with USB, you need to have installed the KX-TDA USB driver.
  • Page 14 The programme menu appears. Assigning the BRI Setting (Automatic Configuration) a. Double-click "Configuration". b. Double-click "Slot". c. Change the status of the BRI card to OUS. d. Click [OK]. Click "Tool" "BRI Automatic Configuration" from the menu bar. a. Click "Check" to turn on the BRI card. b.
  • Page 15 a. Double-click "Slot". b. Change the status of the BRI card to INS. c. Click [OK]. Assigning the Incoming Trunk Call Destination For analogue trunk user (DIL Setting): 1. Double-click "Incoming Call". 2. Double-click "Port Setting & DIL". 3. Click the "DIL" tab. 4.
  • Page 16 6. Double-click "MSN Table". 7. Click the "Main" tab. 8. For necessary items, enter the proper numbers and selections. 9. Click [OK]. Setting the Extension Port for Using DSS Console 1. Double-click "Configuration". 2. Double-click "Extension Port". 3. Change the connection of the desired port to OUS.
  • Page 17: Confirming The Connection

    Confirming the Connection Making Calls To call another extension extension no. Dial extension number. Talk. Off-hook. To call an outside party outside phone no. Off-hook. Talk. Enter automatic Dial outside phone line access number. number. Getting Started...
  • Page 18 1-62, 4-chome, Minoshima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-8531, Japan Copyright: This manual is copyrighted by Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. (PCC). You may print out this manual solely for internal use with this model. Except above, you may not reproduce this manual in any form, in whole or part, without the prior written consent of PCC.

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