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Cleaning - Keurig KOLD Start Here Manual

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clean your drinkmaker weekly to keep it running smoothly.
Top rack dishwasher safe
Water reservoir cover
Drip tray cover
Drip tray
Mixer drawer
(remove mixer ring)
Front cover
Hand wash only
Water reservoir
Pod holder insert
Mixer ring
Wipe with damp cloth
Water Reservoir
Pod holder
Gently lift water reservoir
to remove. Set back
NOTE: Do not unplug the
securely to replace.
drinkmaker during cleaning.
Drip Tray & Front Cover
Pod Holder Insert
Slide out drip tray to remove.
Insert finger into pod holder
Push up tab at bottom of front
and gently lift to remove.
cover to remove. Gently snap in to
To replace, line up notches
replace. Slide in drip tray.
and push down lightly.
Mixer Drawer
Mixer Ring
Lift drinkmaker handle, then
Remove ring by slipping
remove or replace mixer drawer
off of mixer drawer. Replace
by sliding it in or out.
by aligning notch and pressing
(Remove mixer
down to secure in place.
ring before placing in dishwasher)
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Table of Contents

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