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Setup; Prime & Rinse - Keurig KOLD Start Here Manual

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5 cm
1. Plug in drinkmaker.
2. Allow 2 hours to chill.
3. Your drinkmaker operates best in cooler air temperatures.
Since there's no on-off button, keep your drinkmaker plugged in at all times
(it will use about the same amount of energy as a mini-fridge).
During initial chill, the fan noise will be loud, but will minimize once complete
and during normal operation. While it chills, visit to register
your drinkmaker and receive a special gift.
Keep it indoors, out of direct sunlight, away from heat sources such as a stove,
and ideally, about 5 cm (2") away from the wall.
Is it time to prime?
No, still
Yes, it's ready
to prime!
prime & rinse
Before you begin enjoying your beverages,
the system must be primed and rinsed after the
initial 2 hour chilling.
1. Fill water reservoir with room temperature or cooler water.
2. Insert the Prime & Care Pod.
The KOLD™ button will blink purple.
3. Place glass on drip tray. Press KOLD™ button to start cycle.
In about a minute, 8 oz. of rinse water will be dispensed.
Dispose of liquid.
4. Once complete, remove Prime & Care Pod and save
for future cleansing.
The KOLD™ button will be lit blue when cycle completes.
Visit for more information and instructional videos.



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