Silvercrest STG 85 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Tabletop freezer
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ID-Nr.: STG 85 A1-01/10-V8
Tabletop Freezer STG 85 A1
Tabletop Freezer
Operating instructions


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  • Page 1 KOMPERNASS GMBH BURGSTRASSE 21 · D-44867 BOCHUM ID-Nr.: STG 85 A1-01/10-V8 KITCHEN TOOLS Tabletop Freezer STG 85 A1 Tabletop Freezer Operating instructions...
  • Page 2 STG 85 A1 1 2 3...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENT Intended Use Safety instructions Technical data Items supplied Description of the appliance Setting the appliance up Ventilation ...4 Laying and connecting the power cable ...4 Protect against moisture and heat ...4 Installation of the appliance...4 Start-up Switching on ...5 Control lamps ...5 Storage times...6 Freezing fresh foods...6...
  • Page 4: Intended Use

    Do not place glass containers containing liquids in the appliance, they may burst. • Never take anything out of the freezer if you have wet/damp hands. You could get stuck to the frozen item. • Do not eat ice lollipops immediately after removal from the freezer, otherwise they could cause frostbite or numbness.
  • Page 5: Technical Data

    • D D A A N N G G E E R R ! ! NEVER allow children to play in a freezer or to hide in it! They could become trapped in the device and suffocate! Risk of fire! •...
  • Page 6: Items Supplied

    Attention! To avoid the risk of fire, do not place electrical heaters on the freezer. Also, do not place kettles or water boilers on it, as overflowing boiling liquids could damage the electrical insulation of the appliance. - 4 -...
  • Page 7: Start-Up

    • The temperature control lamp (red) 2 indicates a temperature in the freezer compartment that is too high. These may be the reasons for it: - the appliance was just connected to the mains...
  • Page 8: Storage Times

    Storage times This freezer is suitable for the long-term storage of frozen foods. You can also freeze fresh foods in it and then store them there. The following list is intended as general information about how long you can store frozen foods in the appliance.
  • Page 9: Making Ice Cubes

    • If the power cut lasts for a long time, when the power is switched back on check to see if melt water has collected on the bottoms of the freezer compartments 8 or on the bottoms of the storage compartments 7.
  • Page 10: Defrosting

    Check the food to be refrozen to see if any of it has started to thaw. Do not refreeze food that has started to thaw, instead, consume it. 6. Place the food back into the freezer and close the door. 7. Connect the appliance once again to the mains power supply.
  • Page 11: Cleaning The Interior

    Changing the door hinging Subject to preference, the door of the freezer can open to either the right or the left. Decisive for this is the position of the door hinge. On delivery, the door hinge is fitted on the right.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    8. Now position the door on the axis of the lower hinge. Remove the screws for the top hinge from the holes on the opposite side of the freezer and screw the top hinge back on with the help of these screws, b b u u t t n n o o t t y y e e t t f f i i r r m m l l y y .
  • Page 13: Information About The Refrigerant

    T T h h e e a a p p p p l l i i a a n n c c e e d d o o e e s s n n ' ' t t w w o o r r k k •...
  • Page 14: Disposal

    Disposal Do not dispose of the appliance in your normal domestic waste. This product is subject to the provisions of European Directive 2002/96/EC. Dispose of the appliance through an approved dis- posal centre or at your community waste facility. Observe the currently applicable regulations. In case of doubt, please contact your waste disposal centre.
  • Page 15: Importer

    The warranty becomes void if the appliance has been opened, and/or modifications have been made to it, by you or by a third party not authorized by us. The warranty does not cover any further liability on our part, in particular no liability for damages that are not from the appliance itself or caused by the failure of the appliance until it is repaired (e.g.
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