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Sony DSM-R1 Operating Manual

Digital satellite demodulator.
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1st Edition
Serial No. 10001 and Higher


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 DIGITAL SATELLITE DEMODULATOR DSM-R1 [English] OPERATION MANUAL 1st Edition Serial No. 10001 and Higher...
  • Page 2 For the customers in the United Kingdom WARNING WARNING THIS APPARATUS MUST BE EARTHED To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. IMPORTANT This wires in this mains lead are coloured in accordance with To avoid electrical shock, do not open the the following code: Green-and-yellow:Earth...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Features ...................... 4 Locations and Functions of Parts and Controls ........5 Front Panel ................... 5 Rear Panel .................... 8 Menu Setup ....................10 Initial Display ..................10 Changing the Parameters ..............10 Saving the Parameters in Menu Banks ..........11 Recalling the Parameters from Menu Banks ........
  • Page 4: Features

    18 MHz transmission bandwidth. Direct digital transmission at up to twice real time The DSM-R1 enables transmission at up to twice real time speed at 36 MHz transmission bandwidth with connection of a DNW-A100/A100P digital video cassette recorder through the SDTI (Serial Data Transport Interface).
  • Page 5: Locations And Functions Of Parts And Controls

    Locations and Functions of Parts and Controls Front Panel 1 POWER switch 2 PANEL INH indicator and switch 3 OPTION indicators 4 SOURCE SEL indicators 5 ANALOG AUDIO indicators 6 VIDEO STD indicators 7 FREQ BW indicators 8 FEC RATE indicators 9 RF CONDITION indicators !º...
  • Page 6 Locations and Functions of Parts and Controls 4 SOURCE SEL (source selection) indicators 6 VIDEO STD (video standard) indicators OUT1 indicators 525: Lights up when the unit is set up in the 525 SOURCE1: Lights up when input signals from the standard.
  • Page 7 !¡ Display window Normally displays the input frequency. When you press the MENU button, the menu appears. When all the indicators flash, an error message (ERROR-XX) appears. When the ALARM indicator lights up, a warning message (0X WARNING) appears. !™ MENU button Displays the menu in the display window.
  • Page 8: Rear Panel

    Locations and Functions of Parts and Controls Rear Panel 1 OUT1 section 2 OUT2 section 3 REF OUT connector 4 SPARE connector REF OUT SPARE BREAKER ⁄ AC IN L-BAND SPARE MONITOR INPUT 5 SPARE connector 6 L-BAND connector 7 y jack 8 BREAKER button 9 ~ AC IN socket The rear panel on each optional board...
  • Page 9 5 SPARE connector (BNC type) !¢ AUDIO connectors (XLR type, 3-pin, male) This connector is for future use. Output analog audio signals (2 channels) to the audio input connectors on the BVW-75/75P Video Cassette 6 L-BAND connector (BNC type) Recorder, etc. INPUT: Inputs signals from a LNB (Low noise block CH 1/3: Outputs analog audio signals on channel 1 or converter).
  • Page 10: Menu Setup

    Menu Setup A menu is provided to set up the operating conditions Select a menu item to be changed using the ITEM of the unit. Menu items include basic items, items  or µ button. about the optional boards, items about the front panel, etc.
  • Page 11: Saving The Parameters In Menu Banks

    Saving the Parameters in Menu Recalling the Parameters from Banks Menu Banks Menu banks are provided with the unit as well as the Follow the procedure below to recall the set of current bank. The menu banks can store the 8 sets of parameters from the menu banks.
  • Page 12: Menu List

    Menu Setup Menu List Menu items are classified as one of the following • Items about an optional board in the OUT2 section categories: on the rear panel (50~) • Basic items (01~ and 10~ ) • Items about the front panel (80~) •...
  • Page 13 Item number Item Parameter Function CH1/CH2 OUT1 AUDIO CH Selects the output audio signals from the 3-pin XLR CH3/CH4 connectors on the BKSM-R103 Analog Output Board in the OUT1 section of the unit. This item does not appear when 5-pin XLR connectors are used. 0000 DEST ADDR-1 Sets a destination address If the BKSM-R101 SDTI...
  • Page 14: Connection

    Connection When using the 5-pin XLR connector, see also the next The illustration below shows a typical connection of page. the unit for digital Satellite News Gathering. • For more information about connecting external • There are two kinds of connectors on the BKSM-R103 equipment, refer to the equipment operation manuals.
  • Page 15: Operation Warnings

    Operation Warnings When using the 5-pin XLR connector Error Messages When a fault is detected by the self-diagnosis function Rear that automatically performs after the power is turned REF OUT SPARE on, all the indicators flash and an error message L-BAND SPARE MONITOR...
  • Page 16: Specifications

    Specifications General Audio characteristics Power voltage AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz Audio output connectors Current consumption 0.8A to 0.4A When the BKSM-R101 is Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C installed: (32°F to +104°F) SDTI: SDTI-embedded Operating humidity 10% to 90% When the BKSM-R102 is (non condensing) installed:...
  • Page 17 Optional boards BKSM-R101 SDTI Output Board BKSM-R102 SDI Output Board BKSM-R103 Analog Output Board Optional accessories RMM-30 Rack Mount Rail CCXA-53 conversion audio cable (5-pin XLR ˜ 3-pin XLR × 2) Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 19 Printed in Japan Sony Corporation DSM-R1(SY, 1998.03.13 © 1998 Broadcasting and Professional Systems Company 3-860-010-01(1)

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