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Changing The Programme - Siemens 9000006261(8401) Instructions For Use Manual

Siemens dishwasher instructions for use
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Table of Contents
Programme interruption
Carefully open the door, it could happen
that water splashes out of the
appliance. Only open completely when
the spray arm no longer turns.
If the programme is already in "drying"
mode, an acoustic signal reminds you
to close the appliance door or to abort
the programme.
Switch OFF the main switch
Indicator light goes out. The programme
remains stored.
If warm water is connected or if the
machine is already heated up and the
appliance door has been opened, leave
the door slightly ajar, then close it,
otherwise the appliance door can jump
open through the expansion.
In order to continue the programme
flow, switch the main switch ON again
and close the door.
Cancel programme (Reset)
Only when the master switch is ON.
Press the A and C programme
buttons simultaneously and hold them
pressed for approx. 3 sec.
The programme continues for approx.
1 min.
The PROGRAMME END indicator and
the indicator for the programme that
has just been terminated light up.
Set main switch
Close the detergent compartment
To restart the dishwasher, set main switch
to ON again and select desired

Changing the programme

It is possible to change the programme
selection after you have switched the
dishwasher on, provided that you have not
yet closed the door.
If it is necessary to change the programme
after this, the programme cycle that has
already begun (e.g. washing) will still carry
on to the end.
to OFF.

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Table of Contents

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