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Small Accessories Holder - Siemens 9000006261(8401) Instructions For Use Manual

Siemens dishwasher instructions for use
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Small accessories holder*

* some models
Light-weight plastic accessories, e.g. cups,
lids, etc. can be held securely in the small
accessories holder.
Adjusting position of basket *
* not on all models
The top basket can be inserted on either
its upper or lower rollers, according to
requirement. This enables more height to
be gained for bigger dishes in either the
top or bottom basket.
Top basket with side levers
Pull out the top basket.
To lower the basket, press in
succession the two levers on the left
and right sides of the basket. Always
take hold of the side of the basket on
the upper edge, otherwise the basket
will not drop smoothly (and may
damage the utensils).

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Table of Contents

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