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Customer Service; Important Information - Siemens 9000006261(8401) Instructions For Use Manual

Siemens dishwasher instructions for use
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Customer Service

Please call your local service agent, if you
are not able to resolve any problem
yourself. The name of your nearest service
agent is shown in the Customer Service
address list. When you call, please provide
details of the model number (1) and the
production (FD) number (2) which are
shown on the nameplate on the appliance
Please note that a visit by the
customer service technician in
the event of a fault or one of
the problems previously
discussed is not free of charge
even during the warranty

Important information

Notes on waste disposal
Old appliances still have some residual
value. An environment-friendly method of
disposal will ensure that valuable raw
materials can be recovered and used
When an appliance has reached the end
of its working life, unplug it from the mains.
Cut through the mains cable and dispose
of it together with the plug.
Destroy the door locking mechanism.
This will ensure that children at play
cannot become locked inside and are not
exposed to the risk of suffocation.
Your new appliance was protected by
suitable packaging while it was on its way
to you. All materials used for this purpose
are environment-friendly and can be
recycled. Please make a contribution to
protecting the environment by disposing of
the packaging appropriately.
Do not allow children to play with any parts
of the packaging. There is a risk of
suffocation by the cardboard boxes and
the plastic wrapping.
Up-to-date information concerning options
for disposal can be obtained from your
retailer or local municipal administration.
Notes on comparison tests
You will find details of the conditions for
the comparison tests on the additional
"Notes on comparison tests" sheet. The
consumption values for the relevant
programmes are given in the introduction.

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Table of Contents

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