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Adding Detergent - Siemens 9000006261(8401) Instructions For Use Manual

Siemens dishwasher instructions for use
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Table of Contents
Detergent compartment with
measuring marks
The side of the detergent compartment is
marked with lines to help you determine
how much powder to add.
The capacity of the detergent container is
15 ml up to the bottom line and 25 ml up to
the middle line. When the compartment is
full it contains 40 ml.
If the lid on the detergent com-
partment is closed, press the
release lever to open the flap.
40 ml
25 ml
15 ml

Adding detergent

Tip detergent powder into the
corresponding compartment
Please observe the manufacturer's
instructions printed on the detergent
packaging when determining the
correct dosage.
Due to the different solvency properties
of the detergent tablets supplied by
various manufacturers, the cleaning
efficiency of the detergent may not be
fully utilised by short programmes. It is
recommended to use washing powder
for these programmes.
When you select the INTENSIVE
programme, tip an extra 10–15 ml of
detergent onto the inside surface of the

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Table of Contents

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