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Washing Dishes - Siemens 9000006261(8401) Instructions For Use Manual

Siemens dishwasher instructions for use
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Washing dishes

Reduce costs!
If only a small number of
dishes have been loaded into
the dishwasher, selecting a
programme that operates at
the next lowest temperature
will usually suffice.
Programme specifications
The programme specifications can be
found in the summary of instructions.
Programme specifications refer to normal
conditions. Greater deviations may occur
due to:
varying amounts of dishes
water supply temperature
water pipe pressure
ambient temperature
mains voltage tolerances
and the tolerances specific
to the appliance (e.g. temperature,
amount of water, etc.)
The water consumption values refer
to a set water hardness value of 2.
Switching ON the appliance
Open water tap fully.
Switch ON main switch
The selection of the most recently
selected programme light up.
This programme will be performed
unless another programme button
is pressed.
Close the door.
The programme starts automatically.
End of programme
The programme has come to an end when
the PROGRAMME END indicator
the indicator for the selected programme
are both lit up.
Apart from this, the end of the programme
is indicated by a buzzer. This function can
be changed as follows:–
Switching the dishwasher OFF
Several minutes after the programme has
Hold down the function button C and
switch on the main switch
Function button C flashes.
Each depression of function button C
changes the buzzer in 4 stages (from
off to loud).
Switch off the main switch
The setting is stored.
Open the door when the programme
has ended.
Set main switch
Turn the water tap off.
(Does not apply when Aqua-Stop unit
has been fitted)
Remove dishes, etc. when they have
cooled down.
to OFF.

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Table of Contents

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