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Operation - Craftsman 151.74935 Operator's Manual

24v max lithium-ion cordless hedge trimmer
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Do not allow familiarity
with products to make you careless.
Remember that a careless fraction of a
second is sufficient to inflict serious injury.
Always wear eye
protection with side shields marked to comply
with ANSI Z87.1. Failure to do so could result
in objects being thrown into your eyes and
other possible serious injuries.
Do not use any
attachments or accessories not
recommended by the manufacturer of
this product. The use of attachments or
accessories not recommended can result in
serious personal injury.
Before each use, inspect the entire product
for damaged, missing, or loose parts such
as screws, nuts, bolts, caps, etc. Tighten
securely all fasteners and caps and do
not operate this product until all missing or
damaged parts are replaced. Please contact
a qualified service center for assistance.
■ Make sure the power switch is in the off
■ Attach the battery pack to the product.
Ensure it snaps in place.
■ Your product is now ready to be used.
The product is intended for trimming hedges,
bushes and shrubs. Observe the Product
Specifications for the maximum cutting
Do not cut branches exceeding the maximum
cutting width of 9/16 inch (see Product
Specifications). This product is intended
for private domestic use only, not for any
commercial trade use. It must not be used for
any purposes other than those described.


See Figure 7, page iii
This hedge trimmer features a two-hand
power switch to ensure safe starting.
■ Hold the hedge trimmer with the right hand
at the rear handle and with the left hand,
squeeze the safety switch on the front
■ Slowly squeeze the power switch to start
trimmer operation.
■ To turn hedge trimmer off simply release
either of the switches and power to unit will
■ Check the product, its battery pack and
charger as well as accessories for damage
before each use. Do not use the product if it
is damaged or shows wear.
■ Always hold the product by its handles.
Keep the handles dry to ensure safe support.
■ Ensure that the air vents are always
unobstructed and clear. Clean them if
necessary with a soft brush. Blocked air
vents may lead to overheating and damage
the product.
■ Switch the product off immediately if you
are disturbed while working by other people
entering the working area. Always let the
product come to complete stop before putting
it down.
■ Do not overwork yourself. Take regular
breaks to ensure you can concentrate on the
work and have full control over the product.
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Table of Contents

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