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Specific Safety Warnings - Craftsman 151.74935 Operator's Manual

24v max lithium-ion cordless hedge trimmer
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■ Keep all parts of the body away from the
cutter blade. Do not remove cut material
or hold material to be cut when blades are
moving. Make sure the switch is off when
clearing jammed material. Blades coast
after turn off. A moment of inattention while
operating the hedge trimmer may result in
serious personal injury.
■ Carry the hedge trimmer by the handle with
the cutter blade stopped. Proper handling
of the hedge trimmer will reduce possible
personal injury from the cutter blades.
■ Hold the power tool by insulated gripping
surfaces only, because the cutter blade may
contact hidden wiring or its own cord. Cutter
blades contacting a "live" wire may make
exposed metal parts of the power tool "live"
and could give the operator an electric shock.
■ DANGER - Keep hands away from the
blade. Contact with blade will result in serious
personal injury.
■ WARNING - Only use with handle and
guard properly assembled to hedge trimmer.
The use of the hedge trimmer without the
proper guard or handle provided may result
in serious personal injury.
■ Use both hands when operating the hedge
trimmer. Using one hand could cause loss of
control and result in serous personal injury.
■ Before starting the hedge trimmer, make
sure the blade is not in contact with any
■ Stop the unit, remove the battery pack.
Make sure the blade has stopped before
setting the unit down.
■ Never cut any material with a diameter
larger than 9/16 in.
■ Always stop the motor when cutting is
delayed or when walking from one cutting
location to another.
■ Keep unit clean of grass clippings and
other materials. They may become lodged in
the cutting blades.
■ If hedge trimmer is equipped with a debris
remover, do not use the debris remover as a
gripping surface.
■ Store the unit inside in a dry place, either
locked up or up high to prevent unqualified
use or damage. Keep out of the reach of
children or untrained individuals.
■ Replace blade cover when unit is not in
■ Never douse or squirt the unit with water or
any other liquid. Keep handles dry, clean, and
free from debris. Clean after each use; see
storage instructions.
■ Secure the unit while transporting.
■ Battery operated units do not have to be
plugged into an electrical outlet; therefore,
they are always in operating condition.
Beware of possible hazards even when unit
is not operating.
■ Remove the battery pack before making
any adjustments, cleaning, storing or
removing material from the unit, or when not
in use.
■ When transporting or storing the hedge
trimmer, always fit the cutting device cover.
■ Keep cable away from cutting area. During
operation the cable may be hidden in shrubs
and can be accidentally cut by the blade.
■ Use only with charger listed.
Save these
Refer to them frequently and use them to
instruct others who may use this tool. If you
loan someone this tool, loan them these
instructions also.
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Table of Contents

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