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Troubleshooting - Kenmore Ovation Use & Care Manual

5-quart stand mixer
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Unplug Mixer before touching beaters or other accessories.
Failure to do so can result in broken bones, cuts or bruises.
• Always unplug Mixer before cleaning. NEVER immerse Mixer in water.
The exterior of the Mixer should only be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.
• Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads when cleaning Mixer.
• Always remove accessories before cleaning Mixer. If washing accessories by hand,
rinse and dry completely. Most accessories and the glass bowl are dishwasher safe.
Only place the bowl lid in the upper dishwasher rack. Only hand wash the Wire Whisk.
• Wash accessories and bowl as soon as possible after use to keep food from
drying on them.


Mixer will not start
• Make sure mixer is plugged in.
• Verify that there is 120V from outlet to mixer.
• Verify that Tilt Head is locked into down position.
Set speed dial to 0. Then turn dial to a low speed setting.
• If Tilt Head is hot to touch, allow 15 minutes for motor to
cool, then try starting again.
• If above solutions do not work,
call Customer Assistance at 1-855-438-7899
Position of wire
• To raise whisk: Remove whisk from mixer shaft.
whisk in bowl is too
Lower the set screw on top of whisk by turning clockwise.
low or high
Attach whisk to shaft. Be careful not to turn set screw too
far down or it may obstruct attaching whisk to shaft.
• To lower whisk: Remove whisk from mixer shaft.
Raise the set screw on top of whisk by turning counter-
clockwise. Attach whisk to shaft. Do not raise screw too
far or it may fall out.
• Beater and dough hook are adjusted at factory for optimum
efficiency, so there are no further adjustments necessary.
Work Light
• Lock Tilt Head in down position.
• Set speed dial to 0 position.
• If blinking does not stop, and unit is hot to touch,
unplug and wait 15 minutes for motor overheat condition
to clear.
• If unit cools and still does not operate,
call Customer Assistance at 855-438-7899
Surface Area Hot
• Mixer may warm up during use. You may not be able to
comfortably touch the top of the Mixer. This is normal.
• Under heavy loads with extended period of mixing time
the surface area of mixer may become hot. This is normal.
• Mixer is equipped with safety thermal shut off to protect
motor and user from operating in too hot condition.
Allow unit to cool for period no less than 15 minutes
before operating again.

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