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Additional Information; Understanding Built-in Cd Player Error Messages; Cd Player And Care - Pioneer DEH-P77MP Operation Manual

40mhz to 3.8ghz rf power detector with 75db dynamic range.
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Additional Information

Understanding built-in CD
player error messages
When problems occur during CD play an error
message may appear on the display. If an
error message appears on the display refer to
the table below to see what the problem is and
the suggested method of correcting the pro-
blem. If the error cannot be corrected, contact
your dealer or your nearest Pioneer Service
CD ERR-11, 12,
Dirty disc
17, 30
CD ERR-11, 12,
Scratched disc
17, 30
CD ERR-10, 11,
Electrical or me-
12, 17, 30, A0
CD ERR-22, 23 The CD format
cannot be played
All tracks are
skip tracks
CD player over-

CD player and care

! Use only CDs that have either of the two
Compact Disc Digital Audio marks as
shown below.
All manuals and user guides at
Clean disc.
Replace disc.
Turn the ignition
ON and OFF, or
switch to a differ-
ent source, then
back to the CD
Replace disc.
Replace disc.
Turn off the CD
player until the CD
player cools down.
! Use only normal, round CDs. If you insert ir-
regular, non-round, shaped CDs they may
jam in the CD player or not play properly.
! Check all CDs for cracks, scratches or
warped discs before playing. CDs that have
cracks, scratches or are warped may not
play properly. Do not use such discs.
! Avoid touching the recorded (non-printed
side) surface when handling the disc.
! Store discs in their cases when not in use.
! Keep discs out of direct sunlight and do
not expose the discs to high temperatures.
! Do not attach labels, write on or apply che-
micals to the surface of the discs.
! To clean dirt from a CD, wipe the disc with
a soft cloth outward from the center of the
! If the heater is used in cold weather, moist-
ure may form on components inside the
CD player. Condensation may cause the CD
player to not operate properly. If you think
that condensation is a problem turn off the
CD player for an hour or so to allow the CD
player to dry out and wipe any damp discs
with a soft cloth to remove the moisture.
! Road shocks may interrupt CD playback.



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