SATO GL408e / GL412e Quick Start Manual

Barcode thermal printer.
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GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer

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  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

    Table of contents 2007-02-14 Quick Start Guide GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer...

  • Page 2

    GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Table of contents Read this Quick Start manual before beginning. For the best printing results, we recommend the use of SATO genuine labels and ribbons. Contact your SATO representative for further details. Extensive contact information of worldwide SATO operations...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer General ... 1 Important information ...1 Limitation of liability ...1 Copyright...2 Explanation of symbols ...3 Safety ...4 Intended use...4 Operating Tips ...5 Transport and storage...7 Transport information ...7 Storage ...7 Unpacking the printer...8 Installation...9 Overview...10...

  • Page 4: General, Important Information, Limitation Of Liability

    SATO product. Be sure to read this quick guide thoroughly before using this printer. It is an integral part of the product and should be kept in the immediate vicinity of the device and available to the operating staff.

  • Page 5: Copyright

    1.3 Copyright All text, images, logos and information contained within this manual are the intellectual property of SATO Corporation and are protected under worldwide patent and registration law. SATO Corporation or any of its Group Member Companies retain the right to modify,...

  • Page 6: Explanation Of Symbols

    1.4 Explanation of symbols GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer This instruction manual uses various warning icons to help you understand the safe operation of your printer. Explanations of the icons are below. WARNING! Indicates neglectful or erroneous use may cause irreparable damage to the product, serious injury to the operator, or worse.

  • Page 7: Safety, Intended Use

    2 Safety 2.1 Intended use GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer This paragraph provides you with an overview of the important safety aspects associated with the operation of your printer. Disregarding the operating instructions and safety regulations specified in this manual may result in considerable damage to your printer and endanger the operator.

  • Page 8: Operating Tips

    2.2 Operating Tips GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Your new SATO Printer is the latest in printing technology and must be cared for as any other electronic product. It is a very durable and dependable piece of equipment, but we suggest you follow a few common rules when installing or using your printer.

  • Page 9

    Electrical Cutter GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer DANGER! To avoid possible electrical shock, do not operate the power switch or handle the power cable with a wet hand. Keep the power cable away from open flame or excessive heat.

  • Page 10: Transport And Storage, Transport Information, Storage

    3 Transport and storage 3.1 Transport information 3.2 Storage GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Transport and storage Unplug the power cable from the printer before transporting it along with the printer. Ensure you have removed all ribbons and media from the inside of your printer.

  • Page 11: Unpacking The Printer

    4 Unpacking the printer Unpack the printer and check the contents against this display. GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Cushion Printer Unpacking the printer...

  • Page 12: Installation

    GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Installation 5 Installation Place the printer in a level place If installed in a rough or slanting place, quality printing will not be available. It may cause malfunction and shorten the life of the printer.

  • Page 13: Overview, Parts And Functions

    6 Overview 6.1 Parts and functions Fig. 1 Printer main body, front Fig. 2 Print head GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Power switch (ON / OFF) Operation panel (display, buttons, LED) Front cover Media cover Print head (consumable item)

  • Page 14

    Ribbon take-up spindle Media cover Opening for fan-fold media EXT connector (optional) LAN / W-LAN card slot (optional) IEEE1284 interface connector USB interface connector RS232C interface connector AC input (power supply connector) Cable hook GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Overview...

  • Page 15

    Fig. 5 Operation panel GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer LED: POWER (lights up when the power is on) ONLINE (lights up when communication is available, flashes when communication fails) STATUS (lights up and flashes when an error occurs, flashes...

  • Page 16: Setup And Initial Operation, Connecting The Device, Connecting The Interface Cable, Turning On The Device

    If the printer is ONLINE, press the LINE button. "OFFLINE" will be displayed. Press the POWER button on "0". Before removing the power cable, make sure to turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button. GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Setup and initial operation...

  • Page 17: Inserting Media

    7.2 Inserting media Fig. 7 Inserting media, printer Fig. 8 Inserting media, sensor cover GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Setup and initial operation Now, pull the power cable from the power outlet. Remove the power cable out of the hook and pull the power cable from the printer.

  • Page 18: Inserting Ribbon

    Fig. 9 Inserting ribbon, front Fig. 10 Inserting ribbon, side Fig. 11 Inserting ribbon, front GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Setup and initial operation Open the media cover (1). Install the ribbon take-up core (2) on the ribbon take-up spindle (3).

  • Page 19: Operation, Printing, Changing Settings

    ONLINE PARL/SBPL 8.2 Changing settings OFFLINE USER MODE GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Turn the power on. The printer starts initializing automatically. It executes an automatic media calibration. The media calibration can also be operated manually by menu settings.

  • Page 20

    GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Operation Interface mode: Configuration of host interface Option mode: Setup and status reporting for ODV & RFID encoder (if installed) Emulation mode: Setting of desired active emulation and various printer operating parameters Advanced mode:...

  • Page 21: Cutting The Media

    8.3 Cutting the media Fig. 12 Simplified cutter Fig. 13 Label GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer You can separate the labels with the simplified cutter. CAUTION! Risk of injury at the simplified cutter! The simplified cutter used to cut the labels may cause cuts and skin abrasions.

  • Page 22: Disposal

    SATO is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in the world. We understand the importance of marketing, designing, manufacturing and distributing products that present a low burden to the environment.

  • Page 23: Technical Data, General Information, Connection Values, Operating Conditions

    10 Technical data 10.1 General information 10.2 Connection values Electrical connection 10.3 Operating conditions Environmental requirements GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Models GL408e / GL412e Item Weight (maximum) Depth Width Height Item Alternating voltage Frequency Item Temperature range (operation)

  • Page 24: Other Specifications

    10.4 Other specifications Printing properties GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Models GL408e / GL412e Item Resolution Item Max. media size Ribbon size Printing area Maximum width Maximum printing speed Technical data Model Value Unit GL408e 203 dpi 8 pt/mm...

  • Page 25: Index

    Electric current General information Incorrect use Initial operation Inserting media Inserting ribbon Installation Liability Operating conditions Operation GL408e / GL412e Barcode Thermal Printer Other specifications Overview Parts and functions Printing Quick guide Removing the power cable Safety Setup Simplified cutter...

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