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Default Vizio Bt Tv Ir Mode; Normal Operation Mode; Tv Off Mode; Rf (2.4Ghz) Pairing - Philips KWR164501/01 Manual

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3.2.1 Default Vizio BT TV IR mode

This is the default mode when user takes KWR164501/01 out of box, it will able to transmit IR code
for TV IR receiver without any setup after insert battery.

3.2.2 Normal operation mode

This is the normal operation when TV is turns on; remote is paired with TV, micro-controller is in
active mode, keyboard/remote function as RF (2.4GHz) HID device.

3.2.3 TV off mode

This is when TV is power off, if the IR device (for example DVD) is set and selected before TV turns
off, remote will function as an IR remote control, the device mode will be the last device mode before
TV switch off.

3.2.4 RF (2.4GHz) pairing

The RF (2.4GHz) device needs to be paired before enable its function. This KWR164501/01 equipped
with a 2.4GHz RF module. It must pair with the TV before use it as a RF (2.4GHz) remote control.

3.2.5 Delete pairing information

After KWR164501/01 paired with TV, if user want go back to default IR remote mode, press and hold
buttons <Q> + <P> + <Space> on keyboard for 5 seconds, then release all of them will erase the
pairing information.

3.2.6 Device mode change and device ID

For the remote function, there are RF (2.4GHz) TV mode and IR device mode. Under IR device, there
are multiple physical devices, they are SAT/CABLE, VCR, DVD / Blue ray / HD, PVR, Audio
(Tuner/Receiver) and Amplifier.
The device name or icon will display on TV when change device function on the TV. User can use
navigate key to move between devices, press <ok> key on remote will inform TV to make device

3.2.7 Code set ID setup for a device

This function is heavily depends on TV and many mutual active between TV, KWR164501/01 & user.
There is a load list contain devices, brand names and code set IDs table stored in TV. This load list is
for setup IR database code set ID for an IR device.
For example user has a Philips DVD player. User intends to use this KWR164501/01 to control this
DVD player. Setup the code set ID, DVD device should be selected. Then select brand name Philips.
Under the brand name Philips, there may have multiple code sets. Each code set represents a
physical remote control. After make the selection, the KWR164501/01 will set a control code set.
TV application can assign default code set for each device, or leave it blank.

3.2.8 Stuck Key time out function

The KWR164501/01 will shut down after 25-30 seconds when the last key transition to consume
minimal power. After all keys are released, the remote resumes normal operation.

3.2.9 Simultaneous Keypress

If more than one key press is detected, the KWR164501/01 will stop sending IR code.

3.2.10 Standby mode

The standby mode of the KWR164501/01 shall be entered as soon as possible after the pressed key
is released.

3.3 Real time requirements

There will be data transmit latency on both Bluetooth interface and GPIO interface, compare the
timing, the BT latency is much heavy, around 20 ~ 50 ms. This timing is pending confirm from
Status :Draft
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