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Sanyo CLT-D6620(WH) Instruction Manual

Expandable cordless telephone with touch sensitive keypad
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Cordless Telephone
with Touch Sensitive
Charge the handset battery for 15 continuous hours prior to first use.
Dual Handset Models
Triple Handset Models
The picture depicts dual handset model
SANYO Canada Inc.



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  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Expandable Cordless Telephone with Touch Sensitive Keypad Important Charge the handset battery for 15 continuous hours prior to first use. SANYO Canada Inc. CLT-D6620 CLT-D6620(WH) Dual Handset Models CLT-D6622 CLT-D6622(WH) Triple Handset Models CLT-D6623 CLT-D6623(WH) The picture depicts dual handset model...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE.OF.CONTENTS INTRODUCTION... 4 Main features ... 4 Package contents ... 5 NAMES.AND.CONTROLS..6 Touch handset ... 6 Base unit(cradle) ... 7 LCD display symbols ... 7 TOUCH.PHONE.USE.AND.HANDLING... 8 SAFETY.AND.CARE..8 Safety and care ... 8 Caring for your product ... 9 Caution ...
  • Page 3 POWER.FAILURE..35 RECYCLING.NICKEL-.METAL.HYDRIDE.BATTERIES... 36 HEADSET.JACK..36 MAINTENANCE... 36 MAXIMIZE.BATTERY.PERFORMANCE... 37 TECHNICAL.INFORMATION..38 SANYO.COMFORT.WARRANTY..40 SOS.HELP.LINE... 42 The exclamation point within the triangle is a warning sign alerting you of important instructions accompanying the product.
  • Page 4: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of this SANYO Digital cordless telephone with TOUCH keypad. Your stylish SANYO expandable cordless telephone is a fine- quality home communications product. It is carefully designed to provide a clear and interference-free calling experience and incorporates features that make phone company services like Caller ID and Call Waiting easier to use.
  • Page 5: Package Contents

    INTRODUCTION Package.contents Make sure your package includes the following items. For CLT-D660/CLT-D660(WH) • Base unit () • Handset () • Rechargeable battery pack (pre-installed)() • AC adapter () • Telephone line cord () • Belt clip () • Cleaning cloth () •...
  • Page 6: Names.and.controls

    NAMES.AND.CONTROLS Touch.handset 1.. Receiver. 2.. LCD.Display 3.. CID./.VOL./. .Keys:. volume control; view caller ID log; navigate menus and settings. : answer and dial calls; activate speakerphone : view, dial previous calls; format area code/long distance numbers 6. 1.-.9:.enter.numbers and characters : enter special characters : enter numbers and special characters...
  • Page 7: Base Unit(Cradle)

    NAMES.AND.CONTROLS Base.Unit.(cradle) 1. PAGE: pages handset 2. Charging.contacts 3. Charge/In use LED: Line status and voice message indicator LCD.Display.symbols ...SYMBOL. DESCRIPTION. Signal within range Key lock activated Ringer silenced Alarm set Small letters activated Message waiting Battery full...
  • Page 8:

    . TOUCH.PHONE.USE.AND.HANDLING • The touch panel handset offers a new experience in telephone communication. This Touch keypad technology is very sensitive and may take a little time to get used to. To avoid accidental key contact while talking,first lift the handset to touch your ear, pause a brief moment, and then move the lower portion of the phone closer to your mouth.
  • Page 9: Caring For Your Product

    SAFETY.AND.CARE • Heat sources – Keep the product away from heat sources, such as radiators, stoves, heaters, and other heat-generating products. • Water and moisture – Do not use the product in or near water or in high moisture areas, such as a bathroom. Caring.for.your.product •...
  • Page 10: Getting.started

    SAFETY.AND.CARE • Use only the power source marked on the power supply (adapter). If you are unsure of the power supplied to your home consult your power company. Do.. not place objects on the power cord. • Never use this unit near a gas leak as this can cause explosions. •...
  • Page 11: Handset Battery Pack

    DC 6V jack on the back of the charger. Plug the other end into a standard 120V AC wall outlet. CAUTION:.Use only the SANYO AC adapter that is supplied with this phone. Using another AC adapter may damage the phone. Handset.battery.pack The handset uses 1 x NiMH 650 mAh 3.6V (AAA) rechargeable battery pack.
  • Page 12: Telephone Line Connection

    After years of use,all NiMH rechargeable batteries loose the ability to hold a full charge and may need to be replaced. The handset uses 1 NiMH 650 mAh 3.6V (AAA) rechargeable battery pack. Only replace with an approved battery pack available through SANYO. Contact the SANYO Customer Service Center at -800-63-44 to order.
  • Page 13: Attaching The Belt Clip

    GETTING.STARTED NOTE: Before using the handset and to prolong battery life, place the handset in the base handset cradle and charge for at least 15 hours. Attaching.the.belt.clip Belt clip installation 1. Attach the belt clip by inserting the sides of the belt clip into the slots. 2.
  • Page 14 BASIC.FUNCTIONS • Enter destination phone number using 0.-.9. If you make an error, touch to cancel or touch to delete the wrong numbers and re-enter. • You can touch to insert a 3 second pause in the dialing. “P” will appear on the screen to indicate where the pause will occur.
  • Page 15 BASIC.FUNCTIONS Flash.key: Use the flash/clear key to activate custom calling services such as Call Waiting. • Touch to answer the incoming call and place your existing call on hold. • Touch to toggle between calls. NOTE: You must subscribe to Caller ID with Call Waiting Service from your local telephone company.
  • Page 16: Phonebook

    PHONEBOOK The phonebook can store up to 60 phone numbers (of up to 4 digits) and names (up to 16 characters). Storing.numbers 1. Touch 2. Touch .The cursor is pointing to “ADD RECORD”. 3. Touch .again to confirm. NOTE: When the memory is full, you will hear a beep and 'PHONEBOOK FULL' appears.
  • Page 17: Deleting Numbers

    PHONEBOOK Characters are entered by touching the 0.-.9 keys. A consecutive touch of the same key will enter a different character according to the table below: ..KEY. CAPITAL.LETTERS. SPACE 1 _ - + = ^ . , ; : ABCÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇ...
  • Page 18: Editing Numbers

    PHONEBOOK 5. Touch .to confirm selection, ''DELETE ?'' shows on screen. 6. Touch .to confirm delete. 1. Touch 2. Touch .or alphabetic select the entry you wish to delete. 3. Touch 4. Touch .to confirm delete. To.delete.all.entries: 1. Touch 2.
  • Page 19: Calling Stored Numbers

    PHONEBOOK Calling.stored.numbers 1. Touch 2. Touch .to scroll to the entry you wish to dial. Touch the 1.-.9 key corresponding to the  .to select name you are seeking; for example names beginning with “R” touch 7 three times.The first location that begins with the letter you entered appears.
  • Page 20: Viewing / Calling Caller Id Records

    CALLER.ID.DISPLAY Viewing./.calling.Caller.ID.records The call log records the caller name, number and the date / time for the previous 40 calls. .or. .to enter the call log during standby mode. The number of 1. Touch new and total calls will be displayed. 2.
  • Page 21: Formatting Caller Id Numbers

    CALLER.ID.DISPLAY Formatting.Caller.ID.numbers 1. Use to select a phone number in the Caller ID memory. 2. Touch . The number you selected can now be formatted by touching . For example, if the Caller ID number appears 1-416-222-5555 but it is not a long distance number, touch the without 1..
  • Page 22: Missed Calls

    CALLER.ID.DISPLAY Missed.calls If you miss a call, ' MISSED CALL' will appear on screen during standby mode. To view your missed calls use VIEWING / CALLING CALLER ID RECORDS call log, ' MISSED CALL ' will disappear. When you view the Caller ID of your missed calls the following notifications will appear: •...
  • Page 23: Handset.settings

    HANDSET.SETTING Navigate.handset.menus KEY. . FUNCTION. To scroll up through current menu and submenu To scroll down through current menu and submenu To confirm selection To exit to previous menu To exit and return to standby mode During Standby mode 1.
  • Page 24: List Of Submenus

    HANDSET.SETTING List.of.submenus: Standby Language Ring Setting Ringer Volume Ringer Tone Set Time Clock Setting Alarm Display Format Phone Setup Set Area Code Set Contrast Key Tone Auto Answer Baby Call Dial Mode Flash Time Handset Name BackLight Time Security Set Registration Deregistration Clear Msg Wait...
  • Page 25: Change Display Settings

    HANDSET.SETTING Change.display.settings The handset can display information in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. To.c.hange.language: 1. Touch and select Language submenu. 2. Use .to select desired language. 3. Touch .to confirm. To.adjust.screen.contrast: 1. Touch and select the PHONE SETUP menu and then the SET CONTRAST submenu.
  • Page 26: Change Ring And Key Tones

    HANDSET.SETTING Change.ring.and.key.tones There is a choice of 10 polyphonic ring melodies and 4 ring tones. You can also choose from 4 key tones. To.adjust.ring.volume: 1. Touch and select the RING SETTING menu and then the RING VOLUME submenu. 2. Use to select ' EXTERNAL CALL ' or ' INTERNAL CALL '.
  • Page 27: Handset.special.features

    HANDSET.SPECIAL.FEATURES In addition to the basic functions, your handset also has a number of special features. Phone.setup To.set.the.dial.mode: If you have Touch-Tone service, do nothing as your phone has been set to Tone prior to shipment. If you do not know which type of service you have, contact your local telephone company.
  • Page 28: Area Code

    HANDSET.SPECIAL.FEATURES • When the keypad is locked, you will still be able to answer incoming calls, once the call has ended the keypad will remain locked. Area.code To.set.area.code:. 1. Touch and select the PHONE SETUP menu and then the SET AREA CODE submenu.
  • Page 29: Clock And Alarm Settings

    HANDSET.SPECIAL.FEATURES Clock.and.alarm.setting If you subscribe to Caller ID service from your local telephone company, the time will be updated automatically when received a call. If you do not subscribe to Caller ID service, you will need to set the time manually.
  • Page 30: Multi.handsets.functions

    MULTI.HANDSETS.FUNCTIONS If you have more than one handset, you can enjoy an intercom call between handsets. You can also establish a conference call (between two handsets and outside). Registration The handset and base unit are factory pre-registered with each other. Therefore, the unit should be in full working order out of the box.
  • Page 31 MULTI.HANDSETS.FUNCTIONS 1. Touch and select the SECURITY SET menu and then the DEREGISTRATION submenu. 2. Use .or. select the handset number for de-registration. .to confirm. Wait for handset to de-register from the base unit. 3. Touch 4. ‘DEREGISTRATION ACCEPTED’ indicates that handset is de-registered. 1.
  • Page 32: Reset

    MULTI.HANDSETS.FUNCTIONS The phone permits 3-way conversations between  handsets and an outside line. 1. During an external call, touch 2. Use .or. .to select a handset you wish to call and touch the handset number directly. 3. The called handset can touch simply pick up the handset from the cradle.
  • Page 33: Default.settings

    DEFAULT.SETTINGS SETTING. Language Internal & External Ring Volume External Ring Tone Internal Ring Tone Alarm Alarm time Display format Month-Date display format Key Click Tone Smart Key lock Auto Answer Baby call Baby call number Dial Tone Flash Time Handset Name Backlight Time Handset volume Speaker phone volume...
  • Page 34 TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM. POSSIBLE.CAUSES./.REMEDIES. Can’t make a call / • Out of range of base unit- move your handset OUT OF RANGE closer to the base unit. appears on the • Interference due to environment- position base handset. unit to reduce interference (move base unit away from other electrical appliances.).
  • Page 35: Changing.the.battery

    CHANGING.THE.BATTERY Battery.replacement.and.handling When the operating time becomes short even after a battery is recharged, please replace the battery. With normal usage, your battery should last approximately one year. For a replacement battery, please contact your place of purchase or fill out and mail the enlosed form.
  • Page 36: Recycling.nickel-.Metal.hydride.batteries

    HEADSET jack. The handset earpiece and microphone are disabled when the headset is connected. Touch to answer or place a call while using the headset. For purchasing, servicing or replacement please contact our service center. SANYO.Canada.Inc. 1-300.Applewood.Cres. Concord,.Ont..L4K.5C7 (905).760-9944 1-800-263-2244..
  • Page 37: Maximize.battery.performance

    MAXIMIZE.BATTERY.PERFORMANCE The freedom that your cordless telephone can offer is fully dependent on the performance of the rechargeable battery in the handset. To maximize the battery performance, follow these guidelines: Before initial use of your new battery, charge it for 15 hours continuously. The proper initial charging is very important to maximize the battery performance.
  • Page 38: Technical.information

    TECHNICAL.INFORMATION REN.Number: The Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) assigned to each terminal’s device provides an indication of the maximum number of terminals allowed to be connected to a telephone interface. The REN number of this phone is located on the bottom of the base unit.
  • Page 39 Conse- quently, any communications using your cordless telephone may not be private. The Industry Canada Label identifies certified equipment. This certification means that the...
  • Page 40: Sanyo.comfort.warranty

    This is confirmed by the registration SANYO.COMFORT.WARRANTY WARRANTY..APPLICATION SANYO Communications products purchased new, unused in Canada through a SANYO Authorized Dealer are warranted against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for ONE YEAR covering parts and labour, from the date of purchase by the original retail purchaser.
  • Page 41 ER’S..RESPONSIBILITY You, the original retail purchaser, must present your original, dated bill-of-sale together with this warranty to SANYO Canada Inc. or to an authorized SANYO Service Depot when you make a claim under this warranty. You, the original retail purchaser,...
  • Page 42:

    SOS.HELP.LINE At SANYO, fulfilling the needs of our customers is a priority. That’s why we created our SOS customer service program that guarantees satisfaction. NATIONWIDE..CUSTOMER..SUPPORT SOS is there to help you. Our friendly and knowledgeable product special- ists will quickly answer your questions about setup and use of SANYO tele- phone products.