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BBQ BQ04023-2 Manual

Bbq pro gas grill user manual.
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Grill Guide
For Model BQ04023-2(BQ52006)
LP Gas Barbecue Grill
o ;
1. Read this Grill Guide
before attempting
to assemble
or operate
your grill.
all safety
tbr leaks according
to directions
in this Grill Guide
your grill,
even if purchasing
an assembled
Keep this Grill Guide for future reference.
_ 1-800-933-0527
you need assembly
or have any questions.
Leave this Grill Guide with the grill tbr furore reference.
If stored indoors,
then detach
and leave propane
Si Appareil
est entrepose
a l'intdrieur;
les bouteilles
et les laisser a Pexterieur.

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   Summary of Contents for BBQ BQ04023-2

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    For Model BQ04023-2(BQ52006) YOUR SAFETY: 1. Read this Grill Guide Follow all safety instructions. Check tbr leaks according even if purchasing Keep this Grill Guide for future reference. Contact _ 1-800-933-0527 I To THE INSTALLER OR PERSON Leave this Grill Guide with the grill tbr furore reference.

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    1. Grill installation must conform Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA Propane Storage and Handling This gas grill shall be used outdoors enclosed area. This gas grill is not intended This grill is safety certified any other location. Modification Never use any other type of fuel for this grill other than LP gas.

  • Page 3

    Safety Precautions Table of Contents ... Warranty ... Customer Support Center ... Assembly Instructions General Information and Operation ... Trouble Shooting Guide ... Write down here and keep for future reference Date of Purchase: Serial Number: The serial nulnber may be found on the placard located on the back of the grill Table of Contents SHOP: WWW.KMART.COM...

  • Page 4

    manuthcturer warrants consumer-purchaser that this product free from detects in workmanship under normal reasonable assembled and operated according Guide from date of purchase Stainless Steel cabinet grates and heat diffusers) Stainless Steel Burners Remaining Parts - 12 months The manufacturer will, at its option, replace...

  • Page 5

    Support Page for contact has been provided for assembly. tbr assembly as you could See the LP Gas and Cylinder BQ04023-2 (BQ52006) Danger, before your grill. The following pages to make your grill assembly and hardware...

  • Page 6

    BQ04023-2 BQ52006 Thermometer Thermometer Seat Stainless Steel Lid- Outer Logo Plate Name Plate Lid Side Panel - Right Lid Side Panel - Left Hood Handle Handle Connector 10 Stainless Steel Lid- Inner 11 Firebox-Back 12 Firebox - Right Side 13 Firebox - Left Side...

  • Page 8

    Cabinet a ndFireboxAssembly Locking Casters...2PCS Warming Rack... Warming Rack Bracket (left) DO NOT DISPOSE OF BATTERIES Phillips Head Bolt M6*5/8"L Phillips Head Bolt M6*3/8"L Phillips Head Bolt M4*1/4"L Assembly Parts Side Burner Assembly... Standard Casters...2PCS Heat Diffusers...4PCS Warming Rack Bracket ,A WARNING IN FIRE.

  • Page 9

    STEP1 Insert 4 Caster Caps into the legs of the Cabinet of the Caster Caps point out and away t_om the cabinet. in the t_ont legs of Cabinet and Firebox the back legs of Cabinet and Firebox Note: We recommend using a hammer and lightly tapping the Caster Caps and Casters into place.

  • Page 10

    STEP3 Attach the Side Burner Assembly Cabinet and Firebox Assembly Phillips Head Bolts (A) and 2 Lock Washers (D) going from the inside of the firebox into the Side Burner Assembly Insert 1. Continue to attach the Side Burner Assembly to Cabinet and Firebox using...

  • Page 11

    STEP 5 Insert the side burner valve into the side burner. side burner. STEP 6 Insert the valve stein up through burner front panel t_om the back side. side burner front panel using 2 Phillips (C). Ensure the side burner valve the stein robe of the side burner.

  • Page 12

    STEP 7 Slide the side burner ignition over the side burner igniter connector. STEP 8 Place the Heat Diffusers inside firebox. Ensure the long extensions the front of the Heat Diffusers the appropriate holes at the *_ont of the firebox. wire go into...

  • Page 13

    STEP 9 Insert the Cooking Grates into the firebox. have a support on each corner STEP 10 Attach the Left and Right Warming firebox walls using 4 Phillips Head Bolts (B) and 4 Lock Washers Support Brackets. Bolt B The bottoms of the Cooking that should sit on the firebox...

  • Page 14

    STEP 11 Insert the smaller ends of"S" Hooks STEP 12 Unscrew the electronic igniter (+) end _hcing up. Screw the electronic l/i/ (E) into the side of the Side Shelf Assembly. top. Place the "AA" Battery (I) into the electronic igniter top back into place on the electronic igniter...

  • Page 15

    STEP 13 Pull the cylinder support ring up to the top of the cabinet. hole in the bottom panel. Ensure Cylinder Support Ring as show, wrap around the neck of the cylinder. STEP 14 Remove any labels or additional material out of all areas.

  • Page 16

    General Information Your new BBQ Pro Grill has been designed with many years of enjoyment YOUR SAFETY. OPERATION Your gas grill requires You should never leave the grill unattended Children should never use your gas grill. Only use your gas grill outside...

  • Page 17

    Do not attempt to use a cylinder Do not attempt to use a cylinder LP CYLINDER FILLING Some areas only allow you to exchange allow you to refill your cylinder. Use only a licensed dealer. The dealer must first purge Never fill a cylinder more than 80% lull by volume.

  • Page 18

    Bubbles indicate a leak. In that case. call vour LP dealer or fire department TRANSPORTATION STORAGE 1. Always use the Safety Cap when transporting Do not store in a building, Always store your cylinder Store out of reach of children. Always transport in an upright...

  • Page 19

    _.C.C.1 T ype 1 Connector 1. Do not connect this grill to any unregulated Protect the regulator result in a gas leak when connected Inspect the gas hose before flaying, cracking, or excessive Always pertbrm the Leak Test listed has been changed, any gas components been activated, or after a long period...

  • Page 20

    YOUR Minimum clearance required and back of unit to ac[iacent combustible construction is 24 inches Do not locate this outdoor appliance under unprotected combustible surfaces. 24"(61cm) LIGHTING Always visually inspect your grill before your grill. Look for anything that may be blocking check the flame to ensure you have a good flame all along each burner.

  • Page 21

    LIGHTING THE MAIN BURNERS 1. ()pen the lid. Ensure all burner control Turn on the LP gas by slowly Turn one main burner control Depress the electronic ignition electronic ignition is working. If the burner does not light within gas to clear, and repeat the above procedure. When lit, turn the control 8.

  • Page 22

    TURNING OFF YOUR GRILL 1. Turn all burnercontrolknobsto the"OF' position. 2. Turnoff thegassupplyattheLP tank by turningthevalveclockwise. 1. Do not clean aW part of your barbecue grill in a self-cleaning oven. 2. Do not use oven cleaners, abrasive kitchen cleaners, cleaners that contain citrus products, or mineral spirits.

  • Page 23

    CLEANING THE BURNERS 1. Ensure the LP gas is turned off at the LP cylinder. 2. Remove the cooking grates, heat diffusers, and grease tray. 3. Remove the Phillips Head screws located at the back end of each burner. 4. Lift each burner up and out. 5.

  • Page 24

    500°F(260°C). the burners down slightly. Place the fbod directly as it's easy to overcook. on a gas grill to cook, including food that can dry out quickly such as fish and poultry, a roasting pan or aluminum...

  • Page 25

    2. Thethermolneter measures t hetemperature a tthetop of thelid. Thetemperature d ownby thecooking gratesis generally SOlnewhat warmer. 3. Alwayscookwith thelid down. Thisprovidesmoreevencirculationof heat,andthe foodcooksfaster. Remember thatheatis lost eachtime thehoodis raised. 4. MotherNaturecanimpactyour grilling times. Allow morecookingtime for cold, wind,andhigher altitudes.Werecommend y ou placethegrill in anarea protected frommuchwind. 5.

  • Page 26

    3.) Gas is leaking _Oln a faulty connection Tighten or replace parts Frequently I convert my gas grill from one fuel source Your gas grill is lnanufactured and grilling performance recommend you change What is the difference between...

  • Page 27

    gasline in eachgrill arealsoindividually tested wheneachgrill comesoffthe assembly linejust priorto packaging.Eachburneris ignitedfor thistest. What is the humming noise I sometimes The hulnming sound you can hear is just gas flowing concerned with a low volume My grill has a low flame on some burners, This can be caused by the regulator's...

  • Page 28

    PHONE: 1-800-933-0527 Hours 8:30am to 5:00 pm Central FAX: 1-847-252-1001 WEBSITE: http :// MAIL: Customer Support 1375 Mitchell Blvd. Schaumburg, IL 60193 Customer Support time - Barbecues...

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