Siemens LMV 5 Series User Manual
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Siemens LMV 5x
User manual
M12914CA Rev.0


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  • Page 1 Siemens LMV 5x User manual M12914CA Rev.0 03/2008...
  • Page 3 10 Siemens AZL User interface The control system is made of the Siemens LMV central unit (6) that performs all the burner control functions and of the Siemens AZL local programming unit (10) that interfaces the system with the user.
  • Page 4 Users can set only the LMV parameters that can be accessed without password: (see “Adjusting the temperature set-point”). The Siemens AZL User Interface allows programming the Siemens LMV control box and monitoring the system data. The user interface is made of: 1.
  • Page 5 Start-up procedure Turn the burner on according to the following: ual fuel burners: choose the requested fuel by means of the related control panel switch one fuel burners: turn the burner on by means of the burner main switch (placed on the burner control panel) the LMV controller starts the system test cycle: the AZL display shows the System Test message;...
  • Page 6 Setpoint 80°C value 78°C Load Main page Set point: temperature set-point Act value: actual temperature value Load: load percentage (burner output) Flame: percentage of flame detection current. By pressing the ENTER key the display shows the second page: Fuel VSD 0.0 Ld 0.0 Second page Fuel: it shows (in degrees) the fuel actuator position.
  • Page 7 Fault History To visualise the Fault History, select it and press the ENTER key. The message will be as: 1 Class: 05Gas Code BF Phase: 10 Diag.: 00 Lod: Start No. alternating by an error message as: O2 control and limiter automat deactivated To see the other Fault History pages, press the arrow keys.
  • Page 8 Access w-out PW Access Serv Access OEM Access LS by means of the arrow keys, select “Access w-out pass” (access without password - user level), confirm by pressing ENTER. The other levels require password reserved to the Technical Service, to the Manifacurer, etc. The menu accessed without password is the following: BurnerControl RatioControl...
  • Page 9 SetPointW1 SetPointW2 SD_ModOn SD_ModOff the display will show: SD_ModOn Curr: 1.0% New: 1.0% The deafult value for this parameter is1% that is, the burner will light again at a temperature 1% lower than the set-point. Change value, if needed, by means of the arrow keys; press ENTER to confirm and the press ESC to exit. Press only ESC to exit without changing.
  • Page 10 Times Languages DateFormat PhysicalUnits Times: it sets the “Summer (SUM) Time / Winter (WIN) Time” operation and the continent (EU - Europe; US - United States) Sum/Winter Time Time EU/US choose the Summertime/Wintertime mode desired and cofirm by pressing ENTER; press ESC to exit. Set the time zone (Time EU/US) in the same way.
  • Page 11 Cold start thermal shock (CSTP) If there is a steam boiler that must start up cold in the plant, the fireman will heat the boiler keeping the burner at the lowest output to prevent thermal shocks. The LMV control box provides the CSTP (Cold Start Thermal Schock) function that is already set by the Technical service (access by reserved password).
  • Page 12 SPARE PARTS Desription Code SIEMENS LMV51.100 - 110V BURNER CONTROL 2020460 SIEMENS LMV51.100 - 230V BURNER CONTROL 2020456 SIEMENS LMV51.200 - 110V BURNER CONTROL 2020463 SIEMENS LMV51.200 - 230V BURNER CONTROL 2020457 SIEMENS LMV52.200 - 110V BURNER CONTROL 2020461 SIEMENS LMV52.200 - 230V BURNER CONTROL 2020459 SIEMENS PLL52.110 O2 PCB FOR LMV52...
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