Installation; Conditions Required For Installation; Environmental Conditions; Basic Layout Of Printer Set-Up Location - Brother LT-24CL Service Manual

Lower tray unit for hl-2400c color laser printer
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Conditions Required for Installation

Installation conditions for the lower tray unit are the same as for the printer. Any laser beam
printer is likely to be influenced by the environment of the set-up location. If the printer is set-
up in an inappropriate location, the printer may not perform as expected. Therefore, the
following factors should be taken into consideration before deciding where to set-up the

3.1.1 Environmental conditions

The printer should not be set up in the locations referred to in the following items 1) through
4) which specify inappropriate locations for set-up.
1) Where it is likely to receive direct sunlight or similar light. (For example, next to a window)
2) Where it is likely to suffer a big difference in temperature and humidity between the
maximum and minimum levels. (Normal operation environment is within 10°C ∼ 32.5°C,
20 ∼ 80%RH and without any condensation.)
3) Where it is likely to be in a draft of cold air from an air-conditioner or warm air from a
heater, or to receive direct radiant heat.
4) Where it is likely to be excessively dusty or be subject to corrosive gases such as
5) Users should select a location with good ventilation and set the printer on a flat surface.
6) Users should check that the maximum angle of the set-up location is horizontal to within

3.1.2 Basic layout of printer set-up location

Fig.2 shows the basic layout of the printer set-up location that is suitable for smooth
operation and maintenance of the printer.
• The space in front of the printer (70cm) is necessary to open the front cover.
• The space at back of the printer (40cm) is necessary to open / close the rear access
• The space on both sides of the printer (10cm) is necessary for general access.
Fig. 2
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents