Brother LT-24CL Service Manual page 16

Lower tray unit for hl-2400c color laser printer
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4) Check the three alignment guide pins on the lower tray unit.
5) Two people should be used to lift up the printer and place it onto the lower tray unit as
shown in Figure 7.
The printer weighs approximately 32kg, so it is too heavy for one person to carry. It needs
two adults to move the printer. Since the printer is a precision machine, make sure that it is
carried slowly with care so that no impact occurs to the printer while moving it.
• Slowly lower the printer along the set-up guides provided at both sides of the unit so that
the locating holes in the printer align correctly with the guide pins.
• After putting the printer onto the lower tray unit, ensure that the alignment pins are located
correctly into the printer.
Guide pins
Fig. 6
Fig. 7
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents