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Casio QT6100 Operation Manual page 18

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D. Kitchen Printing
If you system has a kitchen printer then it will also have a backup printer which will normally be
your main receipt printer.
In the event of your kitchen printer losing power, running out of paper or malfunctioning the
dockets will print to your receipt printer, you will also be notified via a error message on the
Once your kitchen printer is back online orders will print as normal
E. Busy Tables
After a power outage or system down some tabs may come up with
"E052 Check/Table is busy"
This can be remedied by
1. Sign In
2. Press the Mode key
3. Press Manager Mode
4. Arrow down to no 4 Busy Reset and press Yes
5. Enter check no to reset and press Yes twice
6. Press Esc
7. Press Mode then press Reg
Then try opening the Tab again.
Changing Time + Date
To change time
Press Mode
Select PGM 1
Enter time in format HHMM
Press X
To change date
Press Mode
Select PGM 1
Enter date in format YYMMDD
Press X
B. Clearing the Electronic Journal
Press 'Mode'
Select 'X/Z' from the menu that pops up on the right hand side
Press '4' on the keypad or tap 'Daily Z'
Press '4' again or tap 'E-Journal'
Press '1' or tap 'E-Journal' again
Finally press '2' or tap 'Reset only'



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