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Installation; Before You Begin - Dell PowerEdge FN Installation Manual

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This switch installation procedure assumes the Dell PowerEdge FX2 server chassis is installed correctly.
For complete instructions for installation, refer to the Dell PowerEdge FX2 server chassis Installation

Before You Begin

Before installing the switch, ensure that the chosen installation location meets the following site
Clearance — There is adequate front and back clearance for operator access. Allow clearance for
cabling, power connections, and ventilation.
AC/DC power cord — The cord reaches from the power outlet to the Utility-panel connector.
Cabling — The cabling is routed to avoid sources of electrical noise such as radio transmitters,
broadcast amplifiers, power lines, and fluorescent lighting fixtures.
Airflow — The airflow around the switch and through the vents is unrestricted.
Ambient Temperature — The ambient switch operating temperature range is 10°C to 40ºC (50°F to
NOTE: Decrease the maximum temperature by 1°C (1.8°F) per 300 m (985 ft.) above 900 m
(2955 ft.).
Relative Humidity — The operating relative humidity is 8% to 85% (non-condensing) with a maximum
humidity gradation of 10% per hour.
Switch — The switch is installed in an environment as free as possible from dust and foreign
conductive material (such as metal flakes from construction activities). Cooling mechanisms, such as
fans and blowers in the switch, can draw dust and other particles causing contaminant buildup inside
the chassis, which can result in system malfunction.


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