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Stacking; Assembling A Switch Stack; Cabling The Switch Stack; Programmable Mux Mode - Dell PowerEdge FN Installation Manual

I/o aggregator
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Link tracking: Enables server-facing links to be brought up only if the uplink LAG is operationally up.
NPIV Proxy Gateway: The default port mode of 2 FC and 2 Ethernet ports in FN 2210S provides NPIV
Proxy Gateway functionality.


In the Dell PowerEdge FN I/O Aggregator, the FN 410S and FN 410T support stacking. The FN 2210S does
not support stacking.
The Aggregator supports both ring and daisy-chain topology and stacking of the same type. FN 410S and
FN 410T support two-unit in-chassis stacking and up to six units stacking across the chassis.
In Stack mode, the lower two external Ethernet ports (ports 9 and 10) operate as stack links. In
Programmable MUX (PMUX) mode, you can configure any of the external Ethernet ports to operate as
stack links.

Assembling a Switch Stack

After you complete the initial configuration, the Aggregator is powered up and operational.
FN 410S and FN 410T support two-unit in-chassis stacking and up to six units stacking across chassis.

Cabling the Switch Stack

Dell PowerEdge FN I/O Aggregators are connected to operate as a single stack in a ring topology using
the SFP+ or Base-T ports on the front end ports 9 and 10. To create a stack in either a ring or daisy-chain
topology, you can use two units on the same chassis or up to six units across multiple chassis.
Prerequisite: Before you attach the stacking cables, all Aggregators in the stack must be powered up with
the default or reconfigured settings.
To connect stacking ports, use only Dell authorized cables (separately purchased). For example:
Insert a cable in port 9 on the first Aggregator.
Connect the cable to port 10 on the next aggregator.
Continue this pattern on up to 6 Aggregators.
Connect a cable from port 9 on the last Aggregator to port 10 on the first Aggregator. This creates a
ring topology.
NOTE: The resulting topology allows the stack to function as a single switch with resilient failover

Programmable MUX Mode

Standalone mode is the zero-touch auto-configuration default mode of the aggregator. If you want the
flexibility to configure different settings, change the aggregator to PMUX mode. PMUX mode provides
additional CLI commands to customize the software configuration as needed.


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