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Opearting Conditions; Operation And Performance - Bosch MDCI20-3 User Manual

Climate 5000 vrf mdci series all dc inverter outdoor units (three phase)
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On completion of installing the air conditioning unit, ensure the
electrical power supply is on to the unit for the minimum of 12hrs
prior to operation. Failure to do so, may result in product failure.
Should the units electrical power supply be interrupted for a period
of more than 24hrs, then the above process will have to be repeated.
Pay attention not to block the air inlet and outlet. Blockages may
decrease the efficiency of the unit or shut the unit down via it's
protection devices.


See the table below for safe and effective use of the system. Maximum and
minimum temperatures are displayed.
Table 3-1
Outdoor temperature
Cooling operation
Heating operating
1. If air conditioning unit is used outside the above conditions, it may
cause the unit to function abnormally.
2. The units can produce condense water when the humidity is high.
3. Optimum performance will be achieved within these operating
4. The A-weighted sound pressure level is below 70 dB.


4.1 Protection Equipment
The protection devices will stop the unit from running when an error is
This protection device will stop the unit automatically. When a protection
device is activated, the running indicator flashes. The protection device may
have been activated as a result of the following circumstances.
The protection devices may be activated in following conditions:
■ Cooling Operation
The air inlet or air outlet on the outdoor unit is blocked.
Strong winds are continuously blowing on the air outlet.
■ Heating Operation
The indoor unit filters are blocked
The air outlet on the indoor unit is blocked
MDCI Series – All DC Inverter Outdoor Units (Three phase)
4.2 Electrical power to the unit is interrupted
4.3 Heating capacity
Room temperature
4.4 Five-minute protection feature
4.5 Cooling and heating operation
4.6 Features of heating operation
Do not attempt to re-activate the electrical power supply to the unit via
the protection device until the problem has been solved.
Should the electrical power supply be interrupted, all operation of the
unit will stop. Isolate the main electrical supply to the unit until the
electrical power supply has returned and stabilised.
When the electrical power supply is re-established, the controller will
flash and will begin to initialise.
Communication problem.
Should the communication between units be lost, switch off the
electrical power supply to all indoor/outdoor units. Firstly re-instate
the power to the indoor units, then re-instate the power to the
outdoor unit.
If the outdoor ambient temperature decreases, then the output of
heat discharged from the indoor units will also decrease.
In cold temperatures the unit will default to heating mode only.
1. Should the electrical power supply be interrupted, the indoor units
will run for 20-30 seconds after to reject all of the heat built up.
A protection feature prevents the air conditioning unit from being
activated for approximately 5 minuites when it restarts immediately
after operation.
The indoor units must run in the same mode to stop conflicting errors.
All units must be selected in the same mode.
When two different modes are selected the heating mode will take
priority. However if a priority mode has been set up, then this will take
priority. You can set a priority of ‚first unit turned on in the morning
is the master', ‚heating priority', ‚cooling priority' or ‚a single unit as
If the Air conditioning unit has a running mode selected, then the
air conditioner can not run on modes other than the pre-set one.
Standby or No Priority will show on the display.
The fans inside the indoor units may stop periodically to avoid
discharging the incorrect temperature of air into the room. The
fans will start again once the unit has the sufficient temperature to
discharge. This will also be apparent for the first 3-5 minutes from
when the unit is first turned on.
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