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Communication Loss; Factory Reset Of Relay Module Hc60Ng; Particular Features Of The Room Unit Hcw 80; Operation - Honeywell HCW 80 Installation And Operation Manual

Wireless room thermostat
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If the wireless communication is not successful
optimise the placement of the HCW80
The test mode is terminated automatically after
5 min. The test mode can also be terminated by
removing the batteries or by pressing the teach-
in button.

Communication loss

When the RF communication is lost for a period of 1 h, the
red LED of the relay module HC60NG flashes at 2.5 sec
on/2.5 sec off to indicate that no RF messages have been
received during the last hour.
When RF communication is re-established the relay module
HC60NG will automatically return to normal operation mode.
See chapter "9 Help with problems" for possible cause and
problem solving.
Factory reset of relay
module HC60NG
Keep the button of the HC60NG pressed for at least
15 sec.
The resetting was successful when the red LED flashes
rapidly (1/9 on/off).
After the factory reset the bounded HCW80 will
be lost. See section "3.3 Teach-in (single devices
only)" for new bounding.
Particular features of the
room unit HCW 80


The room set point temperature can be set easily at the set
point adjuster by means of an adjustment dial. The
adjustment range amounts from 10 °C to 30 °C including the
frost protection setting * (5 °C).
The red LED will be switched on for 4 sec if the deviation
between the set point and the room temperature is >1°C or
<1°C. Respectively the relay module HC60NG will be
switched on or off.
Fig. 13: Room unit HCW 80 (settings on the scale in °C)
Select the desired change of the preset temperature at the
adjustment dial (see Fig. 13).
You can limit the adjustment range that can be used at the
adjustment dial.
Remove the housing cover (see Fig. 9, Page 5).
Fig. 14: Limiting the adjustment range
Place the two small pins into the holes of the adjustment
dials in order to limit the adjustment range (see Fig. 14).
Orientate yourself on the basis of the inner scale:
In Fig. 14, the pins are inserted so that the adjustment dial
can only be adjusted in the range of 19 °C to frost
protection * (lower limit) and 19 °C to 30 °C (higher limit)
around the value 19 °C.
Turn the adjustment dial clockwise until it stops.
Check whether the adjustment dial is in the position shown
in Fig. 13.
If appropriate, put the adjustment back in, rotated by 180°
until it has the position shown.
Turn the adjustment dial to position 0.
Place the housing cover in position above and snap it
down (see Fig. 12, Page 6).
The following parameters will be used for the control:
Minimum ON
Cycle rate
Change the batteries if the red LED of the room unit HCW
80 flashes and the device is not in test mode.
Remove the housing cover of the HCW 80 (see Fig. 9,
Page 5).
Remove the batteries.
Insert the batteries with the right polarity into the battery
compartment (see Fig. 10, Page 5).
Place the housing cover on at the top and latch it in
downwards (see Fig. 12, Page 6).

Limiting the adjustment range

Fixed control parameters

Factory setting
1 minute
6 cycles per hour

Changing batteries

Disposal of the batteries according to the local
statutory requirements and not with the used
domestic refuse.
Always replace both batteries together. Only use
1.5 V batteries of the type LR06, AA.
Communication loss
Minimum power up
time within the cycle
Pulse width
modulation per hour

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