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Mitsubishi Electric MES3-255C-EN User Manual

Energy saving data collecting server ecowebserveriii.
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Energy Saving Data Collecting Server
User's Manual (Hardware)
● Before operating the instrument, you should first read thoroughly this operation
manual for safe operation and optimized performance of the product.
Deliver this user's manual to the end user.


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric MES3-255C-EN

  • Page 1 Energy Saving Data Collecting Server EcoWebServerIII MODEL MES3-255C-EN User’s Manual (Hardware) ● Before operating the instrument, you should first read thoroughly this operation manual for safe operation and optimized performance of the product. Deliver this user’s manual to the end user.
  • Page 2  Introduction Thank you for purchasing Mitsubishi Energy Saving Data Collecting Server (EcoWebServer III). This instruction manual explains how to install and use the product. Before using the product, read the instruction manual carefully for correct operation. Be sure to read "1 Safety Precautions" to correctly handle the product. Keep this instruction manual in a safe, accessible place for ready reference.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Safety Precautions ..............................4 Main Features ................................ 9 Name and Function of Each Part ......................... 10 Procedures for Installation and Setting ........................ 13 Main Unit Installation(Installation de l'unité principale)..................14 Installation on IEC rail (35 mm wide)(Installation sur un IEC rail (35 mm de large)) ........14 5.1.1 Mounting IEC rail mounting adaptor (Montage d'adaptateur pour monter sur IEC rail) .......
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    1. Safety Precautions  Precautions concerning the operating environment and usage conditions Do not use the product in the places as follows. Failure to follow this instruction may cause malfunctions and reduced life of the product.  Frequent vibration or impact exists. ...
  • Page 5 Part Tightening torque (Partie) (Couple de serrage) Terminal screw for power supply section (M3.5 screw) terminal block 0.8 to 1.0 N·m (Borne de terminal pour terminal bloc (Vis M3.5) dans la section d'alimentation électrique) Terminal screw for CC-Link (M3 screw) communication section terminal block (Borne de terminal pour terminal bloc 0.42 to 0.58 N·m...
  • Page 6  Use the product within the ratings specified in “9. Specifications” of this manual. If it is used outside the ratings, it may cause not only malfunction or failure but also fire or burnout.  Settings including an IP address assignment are required to connect the product to the network (Ethernet). Before use, perform an IP address assignment and other necessary network settings using the supplied configuration software.(Refer to “IP Setting”...
  • Page 7 Please contact our sales staff when you consider applying the product to special purpose, including use in devices and systems for nuclear plant, aerospace engineering, medical care or automobile. (See the end of this document for details.) Current might exceeded the specified value when the power is cycled immediately after the power is breaking off (in 5 seconds).
  • Page 8  Network building  For installation and setting of web browsers and JavaVM (Java Virtual Machine) and inquiries about their technical issues, contact your network administrator or appropriate department.  For installation and setting of servers such as SMTP (mail transfer) servers and FTP (file) servers and inquiries about their technical issues, contact your network administrator, appropriate department or the manufacturers for those servers.
  • Page 9: Main Features

    2. Main Features  The product has an HTTP server function that can send data over the Internet/Intranet via Ethernet that is collected from measuring instruments using CC-Link communication. The transmitted information can be viewed in a graph or list format on PCs connected to the Intranet. ...
  • Page 10: Name And Function Of Each Part

    3. Name and Function of Each Part Front CC-Link Contact output Power supply Server communication section section section section 7-segment LED display Displays an error code when an error is detected on the product. LED display Also displays the IP address set in the product when you start it up in the IP address display CC-Link station...
  • Page 11  LED display Display Part Status Operation name Power supply Power supply POWER Lights green: Power is on. section display Lights green: MODE/STOP/RUN switch is set to RUN position (in Operation normal operation). display Off: MODE/STOP/RUN switch is set to STOP position (in the IP address display mode).
  • Page 12  RESET/SELECT switch Item Specifications Use to reset the product. After you set the switch to the “RES.” position, hear it click, and see all the LEDs except “POWER” on the power supply section RES. go off, return the switch to the central position. Holding the switch to the “SEL.”...
  • Page 13: Procedures For Installation And Setting

    4. Procedures for Installation and Setting  Installation The following explains the operations from package opening to installation. (1) Open the package. (2) Check the packaged contents. (See “Packaged contents” on page 1 of this instruction manual.) (3) Insert the supplied memory card into the memory card slot. (4) Connect the battery mounting connector.
  • Page 14: Main Unit Installation(installation De L'unité Principale)

    5. Main Unit Installation(Installation de l'unité principale) This product can be installed in two ways, installation on an IEC rail (35 mm wide) and direct installation on a board. (Le produit peut être installé au deux moyens, installation sur un IEC rail (35 mm de large) et installation directe sur une planche.) Installation on IEC rail (35 mm wide)(Installation sur un IEC rail (35 mm de large)) 5.1.1 Mounting IEC rail mounting adaptor...
  • Page 15: Mounting Iec Rail Fixing Square Washer (montage De Rondelle Carrée Pour Fixer Iec Rail)

    5.1.2 Mounting IEC rail fixing square washer (Montage de rondelle carrée pour fixer IEC rail) Use square washers and mounting screws (M5 × 10) to fix the IEC rail to the position where the main unit will be installed. (Utilisez rondelles carrés et bornes de montage (M5 × 10) pour fixer l'IEC rail dans la position où l'unité principale sera installée.) IEC rail Square washer...
  • Page 16 Hook the adaptor into the IEC rail. (Accrochez l'adaptateur à l'IEC rail.) Push the lower part of the main unit until you hear it click. (Appuyez inférieur de l'unité principale jusqu'à vous l'entendez claquement)
  • Page 17: Fixing Main Unit(fixation De L'unité Principale)

    5.1.4 Fixing main unit(Fixation de l'unité principale) To prevent vibration when you transport the product installed on a board, make sure to fix the product using IEC rail fixing metal brackets. Hook Fixing metal bracket (1) Loosen the screw on the top of the fixing metal (Crochet ) (Ferrure en métal de fixation) bracket.
  • Page 18: Direct Installation On Board(installation Directe Une Planche)

    Direct installation on board(Installation directe une planche) Cautions ●Please return the unit which you removed for wiring. The units are only support to be worked as EcoWebServerIII. It will be not worked without using for EcoWebServerIII. ●Please do not replace for any unit of EcoWebServerIII. Operation verification of EcoWebServerIII is confirmed as the purchase.
  • Page 19 (5) Hook the hook slot in the left side of this product on the left screw. Hook slot (Fente crochet ) (Crochez le cran du côté gauche du produit sur le vis gauche.) Mounting screw hole (Trou pour monter le vis) (Both right and left sides) (Les deux...
  • Page 20: Battery Installation And Replacement

    6. Battery Installation and Replacement Installing battery This product is shipped with the battery connector removed. Before use, make sure to connect the battery connector. Make bundles of excess lengths of lead wire on the top of the battery (1) Open the battery cover on the bottom of the product. (inside the main unit) as shown below.
  • Page 21: Ip Address Setting

    [Start menu] > [All Programs] > [Mitsubishi Energy Saving Management Assistance] > [EcoWebServer III (MES3-255C-EN)] > Click [Model: MES3-255C-EN Configuration Software ver3]. You can also launch the configuration software by double-clicking the Model: MES3-255C-EN Setting Software ver3 icon on the desktop. After a few seconds, the following project management window appears.
  • Page 22 * If you are using Windows 7 and the User Account Control dialog box appears as shown below, Click Yes to launch the configuration software. Create a new project. Double-click <Double-click here to create a new project.> in the project management window. Select <Double-click here to create a new project.>...
  • Page 23 Change the IP address for EcoWebServer III. Click Options in the project configuration window. Click IP address in the tree menu. (8) Clicking the button displays the network information read confirmation message. [Yes]: Executes network information reading. 画像差し替え必要 [No]: Cancels network information reading.. After reading is completed, the messsage below is displayed.
  • Page 24 The network information currently set in EcoWebServer III is reflected to the IP address setting (Before) and IP address setting (After) in CH1 and CH2. Change the IP address in IP address settings (new). (The following figure shows an example of changing the IP address to Type an IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway to be used for operation.) (10) Type a maintenance password (factory default: ecopass) in Password and click Apply.
  • Page 25 *1 After the IP address configuration is complete, EcoWebServer III is automatically reset. (After it is reset, the new IP address settings take effect.) *2 Resetting takes 1 to 8 minutes to complete. Check to see that resetting is complete and the "STA." LED on the EcoWebServer III main unit turns on before starting communications.
  • Page 26: Checking Ip Address

    Checking IP address (1) Open the front cover on the server section, and set the MODE/STOP/RUN switch to the “STOP” position. (2) Hold the RESET/SELECT switch to the “SEL.” position. (3) After the “CF CARD” LED turns off, turn the RESET/SELECT switch to the “RES.”...
  • Page 27: Connection Diagram

    8. Connection Diagram Power supply section(Section de l'alimentation électrique) Note * See more notice in page 3. * Live wire fortifications is NOT allowed. Noise filter * Wire size refers to page 3 Filtre de bruit * FG, LG is exclusive for D class grounding. * Please connect L, N over a noise filter.
  • Page 28 8.2.2 For operation(Pour opération) Client PC (PC clientèle) LAN cable(Straight) (Câble de LAN(Droit)) Intranet LAN network Hub(Hub) Hub(Hub) (Réseau d'intranet LAN)
  • Page 29: Ethernet Communication Section (ch2 To Plc) (section De Communication Ethernet (ch2))

    Ethernet communication section (CH2 to PLC) (Section de communication Ethernet (CH2)) 8.3.1 For operation(Pour opération) Connect to Ethernet port or Ethernet unit of PLC (Connectez au port Ethernet ou à l'unité Ethernet de PLC) LAN cable(Straight) (Câble de LAN(Droit)) LAN cable(Straight) (Câble de LAN(Droit)) Intranet LAN network Hub(Hub)
  • Page 30: Cc-link Communication Section(section De Cc-link Communication)

    CC-Link communication section(Section de CC-Link communication) Energy saving data collecting server CC-Link slave CC-Link slave (master station) station station (Serveur collecte de données (Station affranchie (Station affranchie économie d'énergie (station maître)) de CC-Link ) de CC-Link ) Terminal resistor (110Ω, 1/2W) (Blue) (Blue) (Blue)
  • Page 31: Contact Output Section(section De Sortie Contact)

    Contact output section(Section de sortie contact) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F Note Load:Charge * See more notice in page 3. * To prevent induction noise, keep control lines and communication cables Load as far away from power lines as possible.
  • Page 32: Specifications

    9. Specifications Hardware specifications Item Specifications Input power supply AC 100 to 240 V (+10%, -15%) (Entrée d'alimentation électrique) Input frequency 50/60 Hz (±5%) (Fréquence d'entrée) Input voltage distortion Within 5% (Distorsion) Consumption VA 19 VA (at AC 110 V), 25 VA (at AC 220 V) (Consommation VA) Inrush current 20 A, 8 ms or less(20 ms ou moins (100 V AC ou plus))
  • Page 33 Item Specifications Life when in storage 5 years at room temperature (actual service value) Life when in use Energization Guaranteed value Guaranteed time after battery error time ratio occurs 13,700 hours, 1.57 years 600 hours, 25 days 19,100 hours, 2.18 years 25,800 hours, 2.96 years 40,000 hours, 4.57 years 100%...
  • Page 34 To make EcoWebServerIII EMC-compatible, the noise reduction parts must be installed in accordance with the following. The noise reduction must be the parts of the table below or equivalent. Parts name Model name Quantity Manufacturer Distance from the terminal EMI FILTER NF2060A-RQ SOSHIN ELECTRIC CO.,LTD 100mm...
  • Page 35: Operation Environment

    Operation environment The system environment requirements for this software to properly operate as follows: [PC] Item Description ® ® OS (basic software) Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32-bit or 64-bit) (English version) SP1 ® ® Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro (32-bit or 64-bit) (English version) ®...
  • Page 36: External Dimensions

    10. External Dimensions 10.1 External dimonsions 122.5 <Side> <Front> <Bottom> (Unit: mm)
  • Page 37: Setting Conditions

    10.2 Setting conditions The space conditions is necessary for heat dissipation and battery replace. *1 It is no problem to remove the LAN port cap during the operating. Position of ceiling of the board, trunking or other parts Over 30mm Over 5mm Over 17mm Over 30mm...
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    12. Troubleshooting If the product gives off abnormal noise, smell, smoke or heat, turn the power off immediately. Check the following items for troubleshooting. Symptoms Check items Is power supply (100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz) properly connected between L Nothing is displayed.
  • Page 39 MEMO...
  • Page 40 MEMO...
  • Page 41 The user shall keep confidential, and must not disclose, the Software, its reproductions, and the materials related to these. The user must not leak to a third party any of Mitsubishi Electric’s business secrets that the user may get to know under the Agreement.
  • Page 42 三菱省エネデータ収集サーバEcoServerⅢ(MES3-255B/MES3-255C)定格銘板位置について 三菱节能数据收集服务器EcoWebServerⅢ(MES3-255C-CN) 关于额定铭板的位置 Mitsubishi Energy Saving Data Collecting Server EcoWebServerⅢ(MES3-255C-EN) additional information on the place of the rating label 定格銘板例 / 额定铭板参考例 / Example of the rating label MES3-255C-EN の例です。 以 MES3-255C-EN 为例。 Example of MES3-255C-EN is shown below. 型号 / 形名...
  • Page 43 Schneider Automation Inc.  QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.  EcoWebServer is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.  Other companies and product names in the manual are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.
  • Page 44 Vte. Agua Santa 4211 Casilla 30-D (P.O. Box) Vina del Mar, Chile +56-32-2-320-600 Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Automation Building, No.1386 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai,200336 +86-21-2322-3030 Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Ltd. 9/F, Office Tower1 Henderson Centre 18 Jianguomennei Dajie DongCheng district BeiJing 100005...

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