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Auto Power On/Off - LG SK1 Owner's Manual

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This sound bar automatically turns on and off by an
input source : Optical, Bluetooth.
To turns on this function, press and hold STANDARD
on the remote control for about 2 seconds.
To turns off this function, press and hold
on the remote control for about 2 seconds.
Turning on
When you turn on your TV or an external device
connected to this unit, this unit recognizes the input
signal and selects the suitable function. You can hear
the sound from your device.
If you try to connect your Bluetooth device, this
unit turns on and the unit will be connected to your
Bluetooth device.
Turning off
When the TV is off, this sound bar switches to the
standby mode.
y After the unit is turned on by AUTO POWER
function, it will be automatically turned off if
there is no signal for a certain period of time
from the external device.
y If you turned off the unit directly, it cannot
be turned on automatically by AUTO POWER
function. However the unit can be turned on
by AUTO POWER function when optical signal
comes in after 5 seconds of no signal.
y Depending on the connected device, this
function may not operate.
y If you disconnect Bluetooth connection by
this unit, some Bluetooth devices try to
connect to the unit continually. Therefore it is
recommended to disconnect the connection
before turn off the unit.
y When you turn on this unit for the first time,
Auto Power function is turned on status.
y To use this function, the main unit must be
registered in paired devices list of Bluetooth
y You can set the AUTO POWER function only
when this unit is turned on.

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