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LG SK1 Owner's Manual page 13

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3. Fix the screws and wall plugs as shown in the
illustration below.
y Screws and Wall Plugs are not supplied for
mounting the unit. Recommend the size of
screws is as follows. : Diameter 4 mm, length
40 mm or so.
y Screws tighten leaving the screws 10 mm.
10 mm
4. Hang the main unit on wall as shown below.
To detach the unit, perform it in reverse order.
y Do not install this unit upside down. It can
damage the parts of this unit or be the cause
of personal injury.
y Do not hang onto the installed unit and avoid
any impact to the unit.
y Secure the unit firmly to the wall so that it
does not fall off. If the unit falls off, it may
result in an injury or damage to the product.
y When the unit is installed on a wall, please
make sure that a child does not pull any of
connecting cables, as it may cause it to fall.
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