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Using Bluetooth® Technology; Listening To Music Stored On The Bluetooth Devices - LG SK1 Owner's Manual

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About Bluetooth
Bluetooth is wireless communication technology for
short range connection.
The sound may be interrupted when the connection
interfered by the other electronic wave or you
connect the Bluetooth in the other rooms.
Connecting individual devices under Bluetooth
wireless technology does not incur any charges.
A mobile phone with Bluetooth wireless technology
can be operated via the Cascade if the connection
was made via Bluetooth wireless technology.
y Available Devices : Smart phone, MP3 player,
Notebook, etc..
y Version : 4.0
y Codec : SBC, AAC
Bluetooth Profiles
In order to use Bluetooth wireless technology,
devices must be able to interpret certain profiles.
This unit is compatible with following profile.
A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
Listening to music stored on the
Bluetooth devices
Pairing your unit and Bluetooth device
Before you start the pairing procedure, make sure the
Bluetooth feature is turned on in to your Bluetooth
device. Refer to your Bluetooth device' s user guide.
Once a pairing operation is performed, it does not
need to be performed again.
1. Select the input source to Bluetooth by pressing
(Bluetooth) button on the remote control.
- Bluetooth LED will blink.
2. Operate the Bluetooth device and perform the
pairing operation. When searching for this unit
with the Bluetooth device, a list of the devices
found may appear in the Bluetooth device display
depending on the type of Bluetooth device.
Your unit appears as "LG-SK1 (XX)" .
y XX means the last two digits of
Bluetooth address. For example, if your
unit has a Bluetooth address such as
9C:02:98:4A:F7:08, you will see
"LG-SK1 (08)" on your Bluetooth device.
y Depending on the Bluetooth device type,
some device have a different pairing way.
Enter the PIN code (0000) as needed.
3. When this unit is successfully connected with
your Bluetooth device, Bluetooth LED (Blue) will
be staying on.
4. Listen to music.
To play a music stored on your Bluetooth device,
refer to your Bluetooth device' s user guide.

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