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Manufacturer's Recycling And Energy Information - NEC MultiSync V984Q User Manual

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Manufacturer's Recycling and Energy Information

NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS is strongly committed to environmental protection and sees recycling as one of the company's top
priorities in trying to minimize the burden placed on the environment. We are engaged in developing environmentally-friendly
products, and always strive to help define and comply with the latest independent standards from agencies such as ISO
(International Organisation for Standardization) and TCO (Swedish Trades Union).
Disposing of your old NEC product
The aim of recycling is to gain an environmental benefit by means of re-use, upgrading, reconditioning or reclamation of
material. Dedicated recycling sites ensure that environmentally harmful components are properly handled and securely
disposed. To ensure the best recycling of our products, NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS offers a variety of recycling procedures
and gives advice on how to handle the product in an environmentally sensitive way, once it has reached the end of its life.
All required information concerning the disposal of the product and country-specific information on recycling facilities can be
found on our following websites: (in Europe), (in Japan) or (in USA).
Energy Saving
This monitor features an advanced energy saving capability. When a Display Power Management signal is sent to the monitor,
the Energy Saving mode is activated. The monitor enters a single Energy Saving mode.
For additional information visit: (in USA) (in Europe) (Global)
For ErP requirement/For ErP (Network standby) requirement:
Condition: Without any option board.
INPUT DETECT is set to a setting except for NONE.
USB POWER is set to ON.
DisplayPort is set to MST.
Power consumption: 2 W or less (Glowing amber).
Time for power management function: 10 sec. (Default setting)
(Except for a condition that the monitor has plural signal inputs.)
Power consumption: 0.5 W or less (Blinking amber).
Time for power management function: 3 min. (Default setting)
(Except for a condition that the monitor has plural signal inputs.)



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